Stitch Does Stuff in May 2019

Stitch does stuff in may 2019

What will May bring my blog?

A lot of catching up.

I did not get a ton of work done in April and most of that was due to my tunnel vision before and after PCA 2019. If you haven’t read my write-up yet, please head on over and check it out!

Right now, almost everything I had planned to do for April is back on the table for May. That includes that month’s Audience Participation post, upcoming “What Fandom Racism Looks Like” posts, and that pesky podcast episode for Patreon.

I’m also going to be using my free time to record narration for my PCA 2019 PowerPoint as well as a WFRLL piece on k-pop fandom’s antiblackness. Both will be Patreon-first – with the PowerPoint open for all levels and the WFRLL piece having snippets at the $1 level and a final/finished draft at the $3 level.

I’m still trying to catch up with email as well – sending and replying to them – so if you haven’t heard from me in a while, you will in May. I have a list and everything.

One reason my time will be tight in May is that I’m two days into a new job.  (Thanks, Dionysus!)

I don’t know what the rest of the month will bring, and I live in a state that can fire you for anything, but it’s a job that’s pretty much right up my alley and will allow me to stretch my writing and marketing muscles. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll definitely figure out a way to balance my work-life-writing balance as I get more comfortable with the job and used to waking up at 6am.

But I’m happy right now and I’m going to do my best to be financially stable and get all my writing done.

Now that the goopy stuff is out and about: here’s what’s on the menu for May.

Fair warning, a lot of these are well… leftovers.


Book Reviews

  • Alyssa Cole’s Can’t Escape Love and A Prince On Paper
  • Ann Aguirre The Shadow Warrior
  • Ibi Zoboi’s Pride

The Great Big Anita Blake Reread: Sorting Out Shifters

Transcript: Stitch Takes on Spider-Man Homecoming (Professionally done once I get funds!)

What Fandom Racism Looks Like:

  • Misogynoir: Black Fans on the Defensive/Defense
  • Keep Calm and Wait Your Turn
  • Silly Ship Wars/The Misogynoir Script

Fleeting Frustrations #6: Archive Frenzy and Our Fannish Foremother (Stuck In 2002)

Dramarama: Are You Human Too Episode 1


Ships ‘n Shit: Stucky – $3 Tier

What Fandom Racism Looks Like:

  • When A Genre Copying Black People Somehow Isn’t For Black Fans – Snippet/Draft ($1/3 Tiers)
  • (Not) Talking About Race – Snippet/Draft ($1/3 Tiers)

Audio Backlog – $1 Tier

  • What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Beige Blank Slates (Source)
  • Nyota Uhura: One More Black Female Character Fandom Wants To Be Strong and Single Forever (Source.)
  • Quit Trying To Make” Forced Diversity” Happen (It’s Not A Thing) (Source)

Urban Fantasy 101 (Might Be A Notes post)

  • Unlikeable White Dude Protagonists/Love Interests in Recent Urban Fantasy

Talking Tropes Episode 2: Royal Romances – $5 Tier


It’s literally going to be almost entirely about Alyssa Cole’s Reluctant Royals series though…

At least 1 audiopost + a script about fandom racism and/or writing – $3 tier

Audience Participation Essay from April – $5/$10 Tiers

Respectability Politics & Black Heroes

Respectability politics is one aspect of Black media that I can’t stand. It portrays some Black people as too dirty/hood/poor/gross to support and frames Black humanity as conditional upon on how “good” we are. Respectability politics in Black superhero media and in how we talk about these heroes in fandom/critic circles is especially infuriating. I think I need to scream about it.

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Thanks for sticking around and supporting me, y’all!

As always, I appreciate every single bit of support!


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  1. I totally forgot because I’m pedigree dumbass, so let me ask again.

    If I recall I promised to give you some perspectives of my personal experiences that was the hell that’s the Overwatch fandom. Would you like them soon or is this month also packed? If so, when would you like them by?

    Keep being awesome love ❤


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