on getting married on a slave plantation… ick

as much as i genuinely like ryan reynolds’ acting

i really can’t get over how he and blake lively got married at a (former, obviously) slave plantation

like… having your happiest day in a space literally built on the broken backs of enslaved black people is



A lot of people get married at former slave plantations. More than zero, by the way, is a lot.

But it’s way more than that. Like a significant amount of white people in the US have looked/look at slave plantations as the perfect place to have their most special day.

Wow. “today is my most special day, a time to celebrate my relationship with the love of my life.

& i simply MUST have my wedding here, at a beautiful historical site where Black people were treated/viewed as subhuman and were denied the rights I’m exercising now in getting married” at the very least, not getting married someplace where people were brutally tortured, treated worse than actual farm animals, and killed

should be like common sense

no one SHOULD do it

and yet

many plantations market how romantic they are in their promo material i’m probably never going to get married unless [REDACTED] or Halsey somehow fall for me and propose after a lengthy courtship

but if I do get married

i promise i’m not getting married on a site of deliberate human suffering like…


no way i’m going to uh… stop threading on the slave plantation wedding stuff since i’m getting grouchy but i actually recommend

attica locke’s the cutting season

it’s about a murder on a slave plantation that’s used for weddings sometimes

(also don’t get married on plantations??)

Sorry, I”m not actually done. I have one last thing to say:

The fact that people get married on slave plantations and don’t suddenly have the ancestors destroy their lives and souls is well… a huge part of why I can’t believe in ghosts beyond “well they might exist”.

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Zina writes about comics, nerd history, and ridiculous romance novels when not working frantically on her first collection of short stories and complaining about stuff. One day, she'll settle down and write that novel.
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