Stitch Does Stuff in April 2019

Stitch does stuff in april 2019

March sure was a month…

I spent the last half it in a fog for a variety of reasons – job interview that went well not going anywhere, reawakened fear that I’ll never get financial stability, screwing up a job opportunity that I did get, and an anxiety + depression combo about being a burden to my friends and family – and it wasn’t great.

I didn’t quite get everything done that I wanted to do and since this would be the third month for a few of those things… I think it’s a sign that I should scrap them for the time being. (“Them” being the Nakia and Mariah posts as well as the one on the nobility.) They’re just not clicking in my head despite how interesting I find them so I’ll be taking them off my writing roster for the time being.

This month is going to be a very busy one offline. Both of my parents, my small niece, and one of my older brothers have birthdays this month and on top of that, I’ll be in Washington DC a whole week for PCA 2019 thanks to a Fairy God Academic who’s made this whole experience possible and really helped keep me afloat as I’ve been struggling. I’ve never been to DC and the last time I went to PCA was in 2017 so I’m just going to be a Mess.


Anyway, because I’ve got a lot going on this April, I’m trying to take things a little slowly and be gentler on myself when it comes to writing and creating content.

At the same time (and, I know it seems a bit counterproductive on my part), I’m also contemplating taking a few short commissions – either fan fiction/original fiction or commissioned essay pieces – to make ends meet and cover food costs because things have been so tight that I’ve had to dip into my DC fund to get groceries a couple times and believe me, that did not feel good.

If you’re interested, hit me up! I’m adding a “Commissions” tab to my contact form and will be working on a page for writing rates.

I’m full on taking a break from looking for work in the state until I get back from DC because a) no one in this city is going to hire me when I’ll be gone for a week in the middle of the month and b) getting ghosted on this job sent me spiraling and I can’t handle that again right now).

I’m also trying to focus on things I can do that’ll be relatively low-effort and can potentially be done on the go/in a hotel room without all of my research materials – especially as I have still not finished my PCA presentation because I am an anxious mess of a mortal.

Additionally, I’m putting my planner to good use. I’m scheduling all of my dates for when things have to be written and trying to build in breaks as well as spaces to play catch up with online communication. (and on a related notes, if you’ve sent me an email or DM and I haven’t responded yet, it’s because a) I have forgotten or b) I took so long to get to it that now I’m anxious and can’t make myself respond. I’m working on it, but it is HARD and I am SCARED.)

Hopefully, my reworked list of things to do and my prepped planner will lead to more quality content for y’all.

Now let’s get on to the upcoming content:


Book Reviews

  • Alyssa Cole’s Can’t Escape Love and A Prince On Paper
  • Ibi Zoboi’s Pride

The Great Big Anita Blake Reread: Sorting Out Shifters

Transcript: Stitch Takes on Spider-Man Homecoming

What Fandom Racism Looks Like:

  • Misogynyoir: Black Fans on the Defensive/Defense
  • Woke Points For What
  • Silly Ship Wars/The Misogynoir Script

Fleeting Frustrations #5: K-Pop Groups’ Hood Phases

Dramarama: Are You Human Too Episode 1

Queer4 – Baiting, Coding, Reading, and Representation (Inspired by this tweet.)

Potential PCA Livestream (On Youtube)


Ships ‘n Shit: Stucky – $3 Tier

What Fandom Racism Looks Like:

  • James Olsen is Pete Ross 2.0 – Snippets/Draft ($1/$3 Tiers)
  • (Not) Talking About Race – Snippet/Draft ($1/3 Tiers)

Audio Backlog – $1 Tier

PCA Video(s?) – All Patrons

Talking Tropes Episode 2: Royal Romances – $5 Tier


It’s literally going to be almost entirely about Alyssa Cole’s Reluctant Royals series though…

At least 1 audiopost + a script about fandom racism and/or writing – Tier to be decided

The Great Big Anita Blake Reread: Cerulean Sins – Snippet @ $1 Tier

Audience Participation April – $5/$10 Tiers

(Link to poll and directions incoming. Watch this space.)

Book Backlist: Casino Royale

It’s been three years since I last talked about James Bond in any serious capacity and I want to get back on that ridiculous horse. A few years ago, my friend Justen got me some of Fleming’s books and I want to basically do a “read and wail” as I go through Casino Royale.

Let’s Talk About Lex

In my free time/depression mode, I rewatch a lot of old shows. Smallville has been it for me for a few days and it’s really sinking in how weird Lex Luthor was with his relationships with uh… the show’s cast of teenagers but also hot women who try to kill him. So let’s talk about Lex.

Respectability Politics & Black Heroes

Respectability politics is one aspect of Black media that I can’t stand. It portrays some Black people as too dirty/hood/poor/gross to support and frames Black humanity as conditional upon on how “good” we are. Respectability politics in Black superhero media and in how we talk about these heroes in fandom/critic circles is especially infuriating. I think I need to scream about it.

The Usual Support Links




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Things are tough, but I’m going to keep trying my best for y’all as well as for myself!

Thanks for continuing to support me and my content!