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May Wrap Up and June Plans

Out of all the things I said I’d do in May on this post, I’ve done… most of them? Well, for Patreon at least. I didn’t get to do the “Worldbuilding Wednesday” post on Secret Societies or the post on … Continue reading

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Stitch Went to the U.S. Virgin Islands

As y’all may have noticed by the very lengthy threads about fandom racism I keep making on my twitter, I’m back in Florida. I had a lovely time visiting my father and once hurricane season is over, I’m going to … Continue reading

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[Stitch Elsewhere] Jessica Jones Doesn’t Care About Men of Colour @ Anathema Magazine

The thing about the feminism on display in Jessica Jones is that it isn’t universally empowering or accessible. This is a series that centres the titular character’s pain above that of other people, and that treats the lives of people … Continue reading

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A Quick Quibble: Supposedly “Straightwashing” Okoye in Black Panther

In a (now deleted) tweet thread from April of this year, writer and artist Kate Leth went in on superhero media for the lack of queer representation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The thread was fine and absolutely valid … Continue reading

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In Fandom, All Villains Aren’t Treated Equally

From Hannibal Lecter eating the rude across the northeastern United States to Loki’s attempts to subjugate the human race and Kylo Ren’s patricide and misogyny, fandom just loves to look at villains who have committed atrocities and decide that they’re … Continue reading

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[Small Stitch Reviews] May 21st

Whatever for Hire by R. J. Blain A paranormal romance novel with jokes everywhere and a minor enemies-to-lovers relationship between the main characters, what makes Whatever For Hire fall flat for me is the copious use of the g-slur. Yes, … Continue reading

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Headcanons only go so far when it comes to representation

In my head, my version of Harvey Dent will always be associated with three things: his Blackness (he’s biracial), his bisexuality (he was totally in love with Bruce Wayne), and how he deals with/manages his mental health issues (which are … Continue reading

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A Quick Update

If you know me from tumblr (the same username as my website), that’s on an indefinite hiatus for the foreseeable future. For various reasons (including someone (some people?) running a smear campaign against me and reblogging my stuff with vicious … Continue reading

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Urban Fantasy 101: A Quick Guide to Shifter Romances

This is a new aspect to my Urban Fantasy 101 blog series that I hope y’all find useful! I read a lot of urban fantasy and paranormal romance and I wanted to make little primers for tropes, sub-genres, and whatnot … Continue reading

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