May Wrap Up and June Plans

Stitch does stuff in June

Out of all the things I said I’d do in May on this post, I’ve done… most of them? Well, for Patreon at least.

I didn’t get to do the “Worldbuilding Wednesday” post on Secret Societies or the post on Anita Blake #5 (in part because I still haven’t finished rereading it) for Patrons, but I’m going to slide those forward to June.

Aside from that, i finished everything on the Patreon and I’ve decided to scrap the grad school wrap-up in general (I’m uninterested in further commentary on grad school at the moment) and I’ll be posting book reviews and the “Life as a (Semi) Professional Hater” post next month.

So here’s what’s up for June:


  • WIP Snippets of: ” Too White Bread for This Shit: Race and Racism in Laurell K Hamilton’s Urban Fantasy Series”, “Urban Fantasy 101: Crime and Punishment”, the Misogynoir post, and WOC in the MCU: Mariah Dillard ($1 Tier)
  • Worldbuilding Wednesday: Secret Societies ($5 Tier)
  • Images for various blog posts ($1 Tier)
  • Great Big Anita Blake Reread: Bloody Bones ($3 Tier)
  • Finished Drafts of the Laurell K Hamilton post and the misogynoir one ($3 Tier)
  • Reapproaching Social Justice and Fandom Racism ($5 Tier)


  • Life as a (Semi) Professional Hater
  • Untitled Rose and Finn post
  • Where Are Y’all Getting Your Characterization From? Finn Isn’t A Coward, Or Selfish, And He Doesn’t Need A Damn Redemption Arc.
  • Stitch Likes Stuff: Fence
  • Untitled Black Panther/MCU piece on motherhood
  • Book Reviews

While I’m here, if there’s any content that y’all would like to see from me this month (or any other), please let me know! I’m also extra open for writing or editing gigs!

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