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Here’s a list of some awesome media that focuses on queer werewolves, my favorite supernatural being. All of these pieces of media have at least one queer werewolf on screen/on the page as main or secondary characters. Many of these pieces of media also contain graphic violence so it’s the one thing I won’t be warning for.

Glass PredatorTitle: Harmony Black series

Creator: Craig Schaefer

Content Notes: non-consensual kissing (in book 3 specifically), body-horror

Queerwolf Focus: Technically, Jessie Temple isn’t a typical werewolf, but courtesy of her serial-killing father’s dealings with the King of Wolves, there’s something wolfish in her that takes control every so often despite her attempts at holding her own.

Jessie, a black lesbian and absolute badass, is a secondary character in Schaefer’s dark urban fantasy series. She’s present in all of the books so far, but “her” book, Glass Predator, is an incredible read that gives us a great look at one of the coolest queerwolves in the genre.



Title: Mooncakes

Creator: Suzanne Walker (writer) and Wendy Xu (illustrator)

Queerwolf Focus: Tam Lang, a genderqueer werewolf, is reunited with their childhood crush (Nova Huang) after ten years apart. They’re the adorable star of a slice of life, supernatural comic and I just want to gently squish their face. I love this webcomic and I’m really excited for y’all to adore Tam Lang as much as I do already.



Title: Cereus series

Creator: Sean Michael, BA Tortuga, and Julia Talbot

Content Notes: This is erotica and there’s explicit sex all over

Queerwolf Focus: In this anthology series, there are queer werewolves galore in a couple of steamy sexy stories from Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga:

  • “It’s Elemental” in Cereus: Building
  • “Pack Rules” and “Downward Dog” in Cereus: Opening
  • “Weed and Feed” in Cereus: Training
  • “Baby-Sitting Job” in Cereus: Rescue



Title: The Night Belongs To Us

Creator: L.R. Hale

Queerwolf Focus: Our queerwolf, Hank (short for Henrietta), is turned at the start of the comic after being attacked while on a run. The Night Belongs To Us has slice of life elements and a huge focus on Hank’s life after being turned and her complicated relationship with the vampire Ada.  It’s a compelling story with vivid art and a deep plot that I really enjoyed.



Title: Moonlightersmoonlighters

Creator: Katie Schenkel (writer) and Cal Moray (artist)

Queerwolf Focus: I love this series so much! This is a comic that is literally full of queerwolves. I mean, I’m pretty sure most if not all of the werewolves in this series are queer (cute and fluffy) and it’s fantastic because I want to cuddle them all.

And it’s something that you can share with the young’uns in your family. Yay for an all ages queerwolf story!



Title: Scarlet and the White Wolf series

Creator: Kirby Crow

Queerwolf Focus: This series might just be one of my favorite Red Riding Hood retellings. I’m serious. This book series is like an epic fantasy take on Red Riding Hood and it’s such a great read. Seriously, while I can’t remember if Liall is actually a werewolf or if he’s just referred to as a wolf, he’s wolfy enough to count either way and his relationship with Scarlet is amazing to follow along with.



Title: Kate Kane, Paranormal Investigator series

Creator: Alexis Hall

Content Notes: In the first book, there’s a scene where Tara gets kind of creepy-pushy with Kate

Queerwolf Focus: Tara is kind of… the alpha werewolf of my dreams. She’s kind of awful but definitely my kind of awful. While Tara isn’t the focus of the novels (and is a kind of antagonistic figure to Kate at points), she’s such a fantastic alpha female that I kind of wish she was more present.The Kate Kane series is across the board one of the best queer urban fantasy series that I’ve read and it’s because basically most of the characters on the page are queer.



Title: Huntsmen

Creator: Michelle Osgood

Content Notes: Mentions of dysphoria (from Ryn)

Queerwolf Focus: This is a book that’s literally filled with queerwolves. I mean all of the main characters are queer werewolves. Like… it’s basically the ideal. This is the second book in the series, but so far, despite not reading the first book, I’m not lost. It’s an intense read and the only reason I’m not finished yet is because I’m savoring the tension.



Appeal Zine Cover


Creator: Ru Xu

Queerwolf Focus: This is a zine about a young werewolf (who’s also a lawyer) that falls for a hot single dad (who’s also a vampire). Prime queerwolf content and 100% my kind of thing. And if you follow Ru Xu on twitter or become a Patron, you get access to even more stuff for these characters.



If you have a favorite queerwolf that you haven’t seen here, please free to hop into the comments and share them with us!


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  1. I’m a recent follower of yours on Twitter, and it’s been a blessing. I know this post is a bit old, so I hope it’s okay to still comment, but I think you would really like MOONSTRUCK, which is a fluffy lesbian werewolf comic. It also features great anxiety rep & body positivity! The leading ladies are of color!

    If you want to check it out, here is it on GoodReads:

    I’m also a writer who likes queer werewolves and I have a lesbian werewolf short story in WARRIOR, which is an LGBTQ YA anthology. The other stories don’t feature werewolves, but I think you’ll like them:

    Thanks and happy reading! I hope you have a nice day!


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