For a Howling Good Time, Try Moonlighters!

Moonlighters Cover

I don’t just adore Space Goat Productions’ Moonlighters series because the talented writer on the book is my pal (and fellow Comics Alliance alumus) Katie Schenkel or because artist Cal Moray is equally talented and that they draw the cutest werewolves I’ve ever seen.

I love it because Moonlighters is basically everything I’ve ever wanted in family friendly urban fantasy.

Moonlighters is super cute and genuinely diverse. This is a series where the four main characters (and therefore the story itself) are characters of color and I have confirmation that queer representation will be on-page in upcoming issues.

Oh yeah and Moonlighters has werewolves that don’t do any of the nonsense I rail against in my ridiculously long post about weird ass werewolf tropes in the urban fantasy genre. That post is nearly seven thousand words long so trust me, I know my werewolves. That the werewolves in Moonlighters are solidly written and don’t hold with any of the more ridiculous or problematic aspects of the genre.

They’re adorable in general but it also doesn’t hurt that Sue, Felipe, and Meg are basically giant puppies when shifted. (Renee is cute too, don’t get me wrong, but she looks more like the typical werewolf which is something I LOVE about her!)

I loved the main characters from the first page where we see all four of them interacting.

Moonlighters 1

Moonlighters is a light-hearted urban fantasy comic series that follows the adventures of Renee, a newly turned werewolf trying to find the girl that bit her, and the gang of awesome and adorable werewolves that basically run an agency that helps fellow “monsters” with their (mostly mundane) problems. They’re monster helpers, not monster hunters.

And Renee just kind of joins up with them!

The cast of Moonlighters and the world they populate are immediately and instantly accessible. I can see myself in this world and I feel represented just from the first page. I don’t get that feeling very often in this genre or in comics so that’s been fantastic. I love that Moonlighters is a series that I can give to my nieces and that it’s one they’ll adore because of that sense of belonging it provides.

Moonlighters 2

I’m a huge fan of Katie’s writing and, coupled with Cal Moray’s art and Tom Napolitano’s lettering, Moonlighters is a super cute series that can and should appeal to urban fantasy fans of all ages.  If you enjoyed BOOM!’s Goldie Vance series or Marvel’s recently completed Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat! series, you’re absolutely going to adore what is, for all intents and purposes, a supernatural slice-of-life comic!

Right now, only two issues are out so far, but they’re two wonderful issues with many more to come! Moonlighters is such an exciting little series and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

You can purchase the first two issues of Moonlighters or subscribe to the series on Comixology right now! At two bucks an issue, you’re getting a huge deal for some seriously quality urban fantasy!