So much progress in such little time!


One of the things I’m working on (and why I’m really hoping that I can make Patreon work for me) is a book of short stories that all fall under the fantasy genre. So I had some free time tonight and I decided to lay out where I was going with this and look at what stories I’d have to finish, what stories I’d have to start, and what they’re all basically about.

I’m so excited. I think all of the stories are about characters of color (or characters coded as such). Also three of the thirteen stories are either set in a location where I have lived (like #5 comes from my home island of St. Thomas and locations from my mother’s childhood) or involve aspects of culture/mythology that I grew up with.

I’m going to have three horror stories in this little collection as well so I’m looking forward to the opportunity to write something seriously scary!

And hey, if you’re one of my patrons on Patreon, you’ll get access to some of these stories before anyone else!