#NCBD 9/9/2015 – Short & Salty

This NCBD post is short and salty because I was mostly disappointed by the books that I read… So disappointed that I didn’t exactly try for serious analysis.

This week I got three lady-centered comic books that are all from DC: Starfire #4, Gotham Academy #10, and the Harley Quinn Road Trip Special. Unfortunately, two out of the three books weren’t exactly my thing.

First, let’s talk about Starfire #4.

I think I’m going to drop this book when it finishes up this arc. It’s a really cute book but the plot and characterization continue to lose me. It’s not that it’s bad or anything (although last month’s weird thing with Kori and skintone was just… not the best) but that it’s not holding my attention. I want to support the series because it’s Starfire, but then it’s not a book I’ve been wholeheartedly enjoying. And as someone with a very limited budget… I can’t keep buying books that I don’t LOVE.

The Harley Quinn Road Trip Special is another book that lost me. Which sucks because well… it was six bucks. I liked the relationship of Harley, Ivy, and Selina but at the same time there was a lot that I didn’t like about it. I mean… there was a line that referred to the “internet outrage machine” being upset about something that Harley wasn’t upset about and it’s just like… great. Good to know that if it’s in a comic, we’re not allowed to be offended by it.

(The whole comic was weird… I don’t know. It definitely didn’t feel like it was for me and I’m a little annoyed by how little I enjoyed it.)

At least I liked Gotham Academy #10.

I mean…

It’s still bringing the Scooby Doo-esque awesomeness every week. I love the characters and the plot is spiraling further and further to a conclusion that’s probably going to mess me up. I like this series because it’s scary but not scary, you know? It’s a cute but dark book that I can read alone or with my nine year old niece. The characters are just – I love them so much. I love how they’re coming together as a team and how much they depend on each other and they’re legit just precious babies that I want to squish.  I’m on the edge of my seat over the plot and I just need to know what’s going on with Olive’s mom and why the school is so darn freaky!

I think that after Grayson, that this is the DC book I enjoy the most. I’m going to give Starfire and the Harley Quinn special another try but eh… I think those books were a minor and major miss for me respectively.

At least Gotham Academy really made my day though, right?

What books did y’all get today??