My face is still wet with tears from watching Selma.

I rented it to watch with my mother and I wound up watching it because Ave DuVernay had me hooked from the opening with the bombing of that church. I have been crying for the past two hours,  through most of this entire movie, and despite the fact that I’m a snotty mess right now,  I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I needed to see Selma. I needed the reminder that the world was this way and in some cases, it’s not changing fast enough. I needed to see how horrible people that look like me and people that are allies to me and mine were treated.  I’ve seen archive footage and listened to my mother talk about the discrimination she faced growing up as a teenager /young woman in 1960s NYC.  The stories and the footage moved me,  but this movie –

This was something else.

Selma needs to be required viewing (in schools and in life) because people need to look and see that we’ve come far but in some ways,  we haven’t come far enough.