Finally — It’s Supergirl

By now, everyone who’s anyone has probably seen CBS’s first look at their Supergirl series. I just watched it today and promptly fell in love.

CBS’s Supergirl was kind of a given in terms of things that I’d like. I grew up with Smallville as the one show that I watched and kept watching through ups and downs and really weird storylines. Smallville was my go-to  for superhero shows because I loved the show and Clark and the powerful ladies that shaped him.

So of course I’m excited for a Supergirl series!

Finally, it’s a series about superheroes that isn’t marketed towards the grim and dark dudebro set. There’s nothing really wrong with shows like Arrow or even the current Flash show, but it’s a little obvious that these shows aren’t primarily made with anyone in mind but dudes. The superhero genre is getting better at this but still –

Supergirl is a breath of fresh air in terms of live action heroes. Kara is cute and dorky and adorable. James is just… he’s gorgeous. Geez. Mehcad Brooks is gorgeous and funny and he has such a nice smile. I watched True Blood for him and I hated his role in that. He’s James Olsen here like there’s nothing on earth that can keep me away from him here.

My nieces (the two that like geek culture and comics, at least) also loved the trailer. Tee, the youngest of my nieces, was on the edge of the seat and boucing the entire time we watched it. Her older sister Emm was hyped too! She was intense as heck about her enjoyment! Geez. We’re all pretty excited to see what’s going to happen to Kara this fall.

I’m personally looking forward to my favorite Superman, Clark Kent, and what his role is in the show and just  you know… staring at him and wishing that we were in the 90s again so that I could relive that fantastic Lois & Clark series.  Cat Grant also stood out to me as a character and I like that it looks like Supergirl will be taking her seriously and having her be a strong figure in Kara’s life.

My one main hope for this series is that we get some WOC in the show. I’m jazzed that we get a cute and fun superhero series that is appealing and accessible but there’s a marked absence of women of color in this first look. (Compare it with a first look like what ABC gave us for Quantico where the main character was a WOC played by the fabulous Priyanka Chopra and there are other characters of color in the series.) I need a totally accessible show.

Let’s not have another Agent Carter moment where the fandom is excited about a show that has no characters of color. Accessibility demands shouldn’t just stop at the ones that are white and blonde and ladies like Supergirl better be more diverse (and actually diverse because this thing where one character is racebent as if that makes up for an endless sea of whiteness isn’t cute.)

Anyway, that’s my main big issue and it’s an easily resolved one. I’m looking forward to Supergirl starting. What about you all?