Rumors of a racebent Superman? Yes, please!

Rumors of a racebent Superman.png

I’ve been sitting on my thoughts about the future of Superman’s presence in the DCEU for a while, but I’m done being introspective so it’s time for me to talk about these rumors.

Rumors that Henry Cavill might be exiting the DCEU have been swirling around for a while (and none of us nerds are quite sure what’s actually happening), but what’s new and interesting are rumors floating around that Michael B. Jordan’s star is shining so brightly that he’s actually a possible top contender for the role when they eventually return to a Superman-focused franchise.

Henry Cavill So Beautiful

I love Henry Cavill like I love naps – endlessly, deeply, and can I have some more – and while I’ll actually miss him as Superman because I genuinely liked Man of Steel and Justice League, I’m so cool with the cape going to a performer of color the next time they reboot the franchise.Read More »

Radioplay Day Update: Superman vs the Clan of the Fiery Cross

Okay so it’s been a long time since our last Radioplay Day, but I haven’t forgotten about my desire to go through “Superman and the Clan of the Fiery Cross” with y’all.

Once finals are done and I’ve got my freelancing schedule on lock, I’ll get back on track and start putting up the posts for the episodes I’ve listened to by then.

Heck, maybe I’ll take some time off during Thanksgiving break to power through the first three or four episodes and read the book that Richard Bowers wrote on the subject (Superman versus the Ku Klux Klan: The True Story of How the Iconic Superhero Battled the Men of Hate).

But for the time being, please check out this clip from Drunk History’s “Atlanta” episode which is a brief look at how Superman played a rather important part in undermining the authority and influence of the Klan.

(I recommend the entire episode because it’s hilarious and the first person to drunkenly retell history is the adorable Jenny Slate fumbling through a history of Coca Cola’s invention.)

See you soon with a full post!

[Spoilers] Stitch Reviews BvS

(Featuring my bestie Robert holding the camera and making commentary.)

I watched Batman vs Superman today and okay, it really sucked. In my opinion. Obviosly.

This video contains serious spoilers for BvS, mispronounced names, me saying Scott when I mean Zack (Snyder), and a metric ton of cussing. Deal with it. It’s also unedited because after almost three hours watching that crapfest, I needed to get my anger at it out as soon as possible.

You don’t have to feel the same way that I do about this movie. You don’t. But if you come out of BvS like “this was the best movie I’ve ever seen”, I’m going to wonder what rock you’ve been living under. DC’s attempt at a cinematic universe isn’t dead in the water yet. Batman vs Superman will probably make BANK despite not making any sense and having a Lex Luthor who put me in mind of a caffeinated hamster.

But that doesn’t mean it was a good movie.

Because it’s not.

At all.

(And I’ve liked some bad movies in my time — remember Jupiter Ascending and the bees and the albino angel werewolf soldier? But okay I’d rather watch that Superman movie with Richard Pryor than BvS again.)

Finally — It’s Supergirl

By now, everyone who’s anyone has probably seen CBS’s first look at their Supergirl series. I just watched it today and promptly fell in love.

CBS’s Supergirl was kind of a given in terms of things that I’d like. I grew up with Smallville as the one show that I watched and kept watching through ups and downs and really weird storylines. Smallville was my go-to  for superhero shows because I loved the show and Clark and the powerful ladies that shaped him.

So of course I’m excited for a Supergirl series!Read More »