I just started a new job this week. I’m working part time at a local app developer doing what I do best: typing.

One one hand, I’m happy to have the job and so far it’s been fabulous. (My only issue is the half a mile I have to walk to get from the bus stop to my job but ehhh maybe I’ll invest in a bike and learn to ride it.)

But –and here’s where the nerd problems come in– I don’t have enough time or energy left after work to do my blog posts, write in any of my drafts, or even eat dinner. Heck, I watched Sundays OUAT yesterday! That’s how little free time I have.

Right now it looks like I’ll be prewriting all of my posts over the weekend and scheduling them.  It’s weird how now that I’m working, I don’t have the stress of “how will I afford [nerd thing that I want]”.

I’m stressing because I’m too tired to update my blog with the kind of posts that would rock since half of my coworkers are nerds too and we’re talking about comics and stuff during our break.

These are ridiculous #NerdProblems for real right?