March’s Lootcrate – COVERT

March’s Lootcrate haul was everything that I wanted it to be.  wpid-wp-1427219242652.jpg

When they first announced “Covert” for March’s theme, I was excited. I took it as a sign that I could get off my butt and make headway on the various James Bond-related projects that I’ve been planning to do starting this month. I love spy stuff and I live for James Bond.

When I got the box yesterday, it was like explicit approval from the universe, like it was saying “hey, Zina, go out there and do those ridiculous spy projects you’ve been dreaming up”. Everything in the box is perfect and relevant to my interests. I mean, come on there’s a freaking Sean Connery Bond t-shirt in the box.

It’s like the universe wants me to immerse myself in all things “spy related”.

I’m definitely taking it as a sign that my upcoming James Bond review series will go well!

Now on to the goodies:

So the James Bond t-shirt is my favorite thing from this month’s crate. It’s cute! I’m going to wear it while doing my early Bond rewatches because it’s so fitting! Now I just need a shirt for all of the other actors that’ve played the character.

wpid-20150324_134013.jpgThe watch is my second favorite thing from this month’s crate in part because I lost my last watch and this one is load’s cooler (and not in obnoxious pink cheetah print). I’m looking forward to fielding questions from the kids at the high school where I work because it’s such an eye-catching watch!

I could go either way on the AoS badge and the Orphan Black comic. I’m not a huge fan of AoS (and am super freaking behind anyway) and I know nothing about Orphan Black. I’m keeping the lanyard and badge for a future Nicki Minaj/Nick Fury cosplay mashup but I think the comic is going to go to a loving home where it’ll be more appreciated.

But all in all, it was another great month for me and lootcrate and I still don’t regret subscribing!