[Stitch Unboxes Stuff] From Korea With Love Subscription Box (Sept 2019)

Spoilers abound in this unboxing of my first box from @fromkoreawithlove_. This box was a sweet treat for myself and a great deal over on Crate Joy.

All of the stuff in the box was fantastic and I’ll definitely be sticking around for another month or two.

I’ll also be taking photos of how I put this awesome stuff to use in my day job and planner. Keep your eyes peeled, pumpkins!


March’s Lootcrate – COVERT

March’s Lootcrate haul was everything that I wanted it to be.  wpid-wp-1427219242652.jpg

When they first announced “Covert” for March’s theme, I was excited. I took it as a sign that I could get off my butt and make headway on the various James Bond-related projects that I’ve been planning to do starting this month. I love spy stuff and I live for James Bond.

When I got the box yesterday, it was like explicit approval from the universe, like it was saying “hey, Zina, go out there and do those ridiculous spy projects you’ve been dreaming up”. Everything in the box is perfect and relevant to my interests. I mean, come on there’s a freaking Sean Connery Bond t-shirt in the box.

It’s like the universe wants me to immerse myself in all things “spy related”.

I’m definitely taking it as a sign that my upcoming James Bond review series will go well!

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