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Our Basic Halloween Watch List

I’ve mentioned this before but BTS Nieceling and I were supposed to (re)watch a bunch of horror movies this past month. We… didn’t. But we had a list and that’s what I’m gifting y’all with this Halloween: the very long … Continue reading

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[Exclusive Interview] Junji Ito

This is the full version of Junji Ito’s interview and the entire set of questions and answers I sent to him that you all were able to read in October’s second Fan Service column Why Horror Fans Love Being Scared. … Continue reading

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Stitch @ Teen Vogue: Why Horror Fans Love Being Scared

However, the majority of horror media does not inspire violence. Fans of graphic violence and gore aren’t generally driven to commit harm on any level, much less the racist violence that The Birth of a Nation committed. Liking horror at … Continue reading

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Link Lineup: October 2021

So I didn’t read a lot or consume content outside of pure relaxation or research purposes this month. I have been busy as hell. I keep looking at my emails and guiltily slinking away because I have so much to … Continue reading

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Horror Noire: Black History, Horror (A Review)

  Black history is Black horror. – Tananarive Due One of Tananrive Due’s comments early on in the Shudder’s Horror Noire documentary will live on in my mind forever because of how it gets right to the meat of the … Continue reading

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Lamplickers – Original Fiction

Note: “Lamplickers” is a colloquial term for “moth” that I grew up hearing in the US. Virgin Islands. Additionally, this story was previously published on Patreon for my patrons. Plink. Plink. The lamplickers down on the island always swarm around … Continue reading

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#NCBD 9/23/2015 Part Two – The Beauty #2

Some spoilers under the cut as well as references to the first issue. Writer: Jeremy Haun & Jason Hurley Artist: Jeremy Haun Colorist: John Rauch Originally published:  September 2015 Rating: 5/5 would recommend to anyone that likes conspiracy theories, gorgeous … Continue reading

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Crimson Peak’s pretty but it sure doesn’t look diverse!

No matter what, I am going to see Crimson Peak next month. I decided this back when the cast was first announced and then when we got those set photos of what looked like a funeral. I love Tom Hiddleston. … Continue reading

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