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Fleeting Frustrations #8: Revisionist Fandom History Strikes Again

Being critical of fandom institutions or of the content fandom creates and consumes uncritically is not born out of a yearning for regression trying to wipe the AO3 out of the map, a thirst for power from digital dictators, or a desire to “Make Fandom Great Again”. Continue reading

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Fleeting Frustrations # 7: Archive Frenzy and Being (Un) Grateful To Our Fannish Foremothers (Stuck In 2002)

If I wasn’t a queer Black fan who’s used the AO3 and been in fandom for most of my life, I’d even take those claims at face value. After all, a space for female and/or queer fans is pretty cool, right?

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Fleeting Frustrations #6: “At Least Kylo Never Lied To Rey”

So fucking what Finn initially held back from telling Rey that he was a Stormtrooper that defected in The Force Awakens –

At least he’s not an entitled, mind-rapey douche that keeps gaslighting her, who tortured her, and who keeps trying to kill her.

You know… like Kylo is. Continue reading

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