Today In “Things I Knew I Never Needed”: HP Lovecraft in an Anime

I was minding my business, looking at Funimation’s website to find out what upcoming anime series I can watch a single episode of and then never finish when I clicked on their link for folks to “Meet The New Faces Of Bungo Stray Dogs, Season 2” and saw none other than …

Howard Philips “So Racist I Named My Cat A Racial Slur and So Bad At Writing That I Only Achieved Serious Fame Posthumously and Had To Eat Beans” Lovecraft.

He — or a character representing him in some wildly inaccurate capacity in the context of this weird show I only watched two episodes of — is a new face in Bungo Stray Dogs’ second season and I am AMUSED.

Homeboy’s out here looking like a rather cadaverous bishonen.

I hate Lovecraft like I’ve hated few others (and one day will travel back in time to beat his pasty ass) but… I almost want to watch this series to see how ridiculous this is going to be.

If you want to see Lovecraft as a zombie bishonen (basically). check under the cut!


(Finally, I’m a tiny bit grouchy because Bungo Stray Dogs seems to skip right over the Harlem Renaissance as a thing that matters and was responsible for a ton of brilliant literary works by amazing authors they could’ve slipped into the series with all of the other American authors the series uses from the same period.

I know the mangaka obviously isn’t from the US/UK but it’s a testament to how white the accepted literary canon in the West is that the creator of BSD got Twain, Hawthorn, and a bunch of other white folks but like… no one from the Harlem Renaissance…)

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