Starting September

August went by so fast that I don’t feel like I was able to get everything done.

Scratch that, I know I didn’t get everything done. Website content got completed because it was largely completed in July, but then Patreon content got drafted or recorded and I didn’t polish or publish. But to quote Dulé Hill in Holes:

But before I talk about what I want to do to fix things, let’s talk about what I did.

Mostly  can’t get over how much I did in August. So much of it was writing behind the scenes, sending tons of emails, recording videos or audio posts (like podcast appearances!!) and planning. I have done so much planning. But I also definitely wrote a ton across a bunch of different projects and what I can’t share now… well you’re gonna love it once it’s out if you’re in the specific niche it’s in.

Here’s the best of what I wrote for other platforms and for my site in August:

I also tanked my sleeping schedule in August. I’m writing this at a little bit before 1:30 AM and I probably won’t be asleep before 3 AM. I sleep a lot these days because I’m done with caffeine for good, but it’s always at weird hours like I never know when I will be awake these days… But I’m working on it. I kept practicing my Korean, by the way, and I just found out that I passed the course I’d been taking a few months ago. I’m looking forward to leveling up because right now I can mostly read Korean since I can recognize the letters and the sounds they make but uh… that’s about it. (Except for loan words, I fucking ace loan words in Korean!)

Honestly, while I did a lot last month it was largely computer-oriented? I watched F9 and Respect with my mom (loved them), watched The Green Knight on my own (didn’t love it but Dev Patel is so handsome), got a futekiya membership so I could read BL and support creators I love (if any of you need BL recs, lemme know), returned to both the Sims 4 and Drammatical Murder, and got super invested in Yang Yang and Dilraba’s newly completed drama You Are My Glory. Oh and I reconnected with my childhood bestie and she’s super into Omegaverse now! Which is great because so am I!

Also, can we please talk about Megan the Stallion on the remix for BTS’ “Butter”?

Isn’t it amazing?

Now: what all will September bring us here?

For one thing, I’m working on something super hip-hop and/or art oriented for Namjoon’s birthday on September 12th, but we’ll see if I get it out in time. (And if I can’t, just… let’s agree to pretend this block of text does not exist!).

I’ll also be replying to all the emails I kind of dropped off on because of my laser focused approach to The BIG Project. I’m also trying to organize content for the future so I can have a sustainable content output while not going too hard. I didn’t get to take my “vacation” because money remains super tight and I also… couldn’t carve out time to do non-writing things, but in the middle of September I will absolutely and purposefully take like 4 days off where I just play games on my Switch guilt-free and eat good food that I didn’t have to cook.

I’m doing a double drop of Patreon content in September to fix the biggest gap in my content output!

(And if you’re at the $10+ Tier for Patreon: a) I’m finishing your August things in the next 2 days and b) please send me your September things or an email about what you want me to work on for you in the case of new things. You can find the post HERE with instructions.)

Overall… September is going to bring a podcast episode, new memes, a return to music reviews, a new Music Video Anatomy installment, more Anita Blake sporking, and more Teen Vogue content. It’s also going to bring a bunch of other cool and rude fandom things including an end of the month look at the horrifying and oft-repeated sentiment “ACAB includes/including fancops”. (And yes, by “fancops” folks don’t just mean people who actually do harass other people over fandom content… they also mean people like me who talk about racism in fandom.)

It’s also going to bring you… me at FIYAH Con and a couple other semi/fully public fandom and/or publishing things. So keep an eye out for all of that – I’ll post links as I can. (And at some point in September, I should have an announcement about the BIG thing I finished working on at the end of August, and I’m looking forward to doing promo for that!)

If I owe you content, a comment, an email, or a zoom call where we talk about fandom, now is the perfect time to ping me and remind me that you’re waiting so I can add you to my reply queue.

Thank you so much for supporting me as we move towards another month! Please keep sharing my work, commenting here, talking with me on Twitter, and having my back when things get tough. I appreciate y’all more than I can express and I’m glad I have a really cool audience that inspires me to always be better!


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