Out With April, In With May

I did not get a lot done in April but also… wow did I get a lot done in April. 

Yes, I got 16 different blog pieces out – including a stellar guest post about Alison from Doctor Who that I’m still pleased with – but for some reason it doesn’t feel like I did much of everything. Only like half of what I’d planned to put out actually made it out and I’m bummed because it was going to be great stuff… but I have to remember that I still had sixteen posts go out. 

I’m still at almost 60k words on my site for 2021 so far. I had the two Fan Service posts in Teen Vogue (“How Ableism Can Manifest in Fandom—and How to End It” and “What “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” Teaches Us About Fandom Misogynoir” ). I did (sort of) two interviews. I’m officially someone who interviews other people despite how anxious that makes me. I’m one of the finalists for the Ignyte Awards’ Critics Award! (Go vote for me please!)

It’s not like I really sat here and did nothing in April.But my brain…It thinks otherwise. 

I know I need to be easier on myself, but it’s hard.

I’m working on it though.

Anyway: for May, I’m partially playing “catch up” between my site and Patreon. I’m still trying to meet deadlines for paid projects so those will continue taking precedence, but I have shrunk down my website workload for May so I can actually finish it. And of course, Patreon takes next level of importance and I’ve got everything in progress for that content roll out! I’ll be recording the video for the next research methods video I’m doing later today and then, if you’re at the $10 Tier, you can reach out at any time for the “Hire The Stitch” benefit!

For me, May is pretty much a “preparing for June” month and I tried to organize my to-do list to account for that. 

June 2021 is going to be busy with two partially-academic projects. One of which is the project I’m working on around PCA 2021 on Black women and femme k-pop fans’ experiences. I also have deadlines to hit, big things to finish and then revise, and… the start of hurricane season 2021 to prepare for. So I will be busy busy.

But I’ll always do my best to make time for folks. Please ping me if you need me and if you want me to be on your podcast to talk about Omegaverse, remember that’s literally a thing I crave the chance to do. Let me be intense about Omegaverse for your audience!! (Or K-pop! I’m finally back in the headspace to say things about k-pop! Let me do it!)

I’m still never going to be as online as I was before February 10th and all of these different fandoms coming together to form a racist hate-voltron because they don’t like how I talk about racism in fandom, but I’m doing my best to keep going and stay positive. Staying largely offline except to do BTS things has been helping me there…

And if you’re not sure where I am or what I’m doing since I’m no longer as online as I once was, here are my links on one neat package: https://linktr.ee/StitchMM

How was your April? Did y’all do anything cool?



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