[Thread Collection] Palatable Fandom (Anti) Racism (2/23/2021)

Originally a thread on my still-locked main account and edited for clarity with additional links.

One thing that’s super fascinating is that white people who talk about racism in fandom, especially doing a gentle “dear fellow white people” on their own with no attempt to link to BIPOC, get so much less shit for it than anyone else?

Because they’re seen as nice and neutral.

White people who cite BIPOC (especially baselessly hated ones like me) get called white saviors and racists and harassed until they stop talking or they ALSO get a bad reputation – especially if racists’ attempts to reframe the BIPOC they cite as a missing stair falls flat

And of course, BIPOC in fandom who talk about racism at any level are harassed.

Even the ones who have supported my harassment? When they speak up about racism in Rey/Kylo stan land or in proshipper hell because they think they’re valued for stomping me… They then get squished

I’m thinking about Foz Meadows’ piece on racism and fandom culture and how one of the people (freetofic) reblogging it on Tumblr supporting it… Constantly tone polices me and lets people lie about my behavior knowing it’s not true (We were friendly once) 


Foz isn’t saying anything new.

What Foz is saying is (relatively) palatable to racists in fandom because of the signaling done and the general “soft” and coaxing tone used. Foz is providing white fans with the gentle handholding they want to anti racism in fandom without pesky POC


Returning to this: white privilege in fandom is being able to write about racism and have people read what you wrote rather than assigning meanings to your tone and text that aren’t there.

Imagine if I wrote the word “bronies” anywhere near one of my pieces on racism in fandom: People would tell others that I’ve called all fandom bronies, that I’ve accused women and POC of bestiality. They’d tag in racist furries and furry bootlickers of color to attack me. They would zero in on the single sentence that used the word while not reading it in context.)

I know this because…That’s what they did with my “tradwife ending for Rey” being turned into “stitch says Reylos are tradwives” [from Rey/Kylo Shippers: A New Look At An Old Face of Fannish Entitlement]

and how my words are constantly misrepresented and positioned as bad faith by people working in bad faith on main, no fucking shame.

Foz is being lauded by (the types of and actual) people who last week were trying to get me dropped from Teen Vogue. [See: Three Things About The Negative Backlash to Fan Service #2]

And even if they disagree [with Foz], they won’t make it their mission to misrepresent and ultimately destroy Foz’s life and credibility.