April Outlook/March Retrospective

I’m still struggling to get back in the groove after being yeeted off the path in February thanks to That Nonsense and just… all the awful terrible things in the news (like the escalation in anti-Asian hate crimes on top of some bad stuff in local politics/policing).

I’m still writing through the stress though and I’m still looking for a new Day Job as freelance is not actually feasible for me for long-term since you know… insurance. However, I think I finished everything I had planned for March or moved them around so I felt like I did!

Here are some March highlights for y’all from my neck of the woods:

So what’s up for April?

This month, I’ve got a WAY lighter load planned for my site because I have off-site writing to do (book and music reviews as well as Fan Service and hopefully other pieces with Teen Vogue and other outlets). The biggest site goal? A new episode of Stitch Talks Ish. The Epik High bonus episode is still in progress because have to script that first, but I’m looking forward to doing something new!

I’ll be recording an episode with a long-time fandom friend about her new foray into BTS and idol fandoms and how these fandoms differ from what she’s experienced before/how they’re different! We’re checking out transcript options that’ll be able to handle the crosstalk effectively and get us the episode in a timely manner so uh… fingers crossed on that!

Patreon will stay the same at the 8-ish average with the same kinds of content at the different tiers. I’m a bit behind on finishing up “Hire the Stitch” tasks for the $10 tier but once I’m truly done with Deadline Hell from March (yes, still), I’ll be back on track. I’m looking forward to torturing you all with more sporking of Laurell K Hamilton’s Rafael and the initial script + audio test of my eventual video essay about Tom Cruise’s Lestat!

April will also bring a panel appearance on my end at Flights of Foundry, public teasers for two different romance and erotica projects (one definitely for self-pub purposes), and well… the ballot for the 2021 Hugo Awards goes out April 13th and there’s a (very small) shot that I’ll finally make it onto the shortlist for Fan Writer! Consider my fingers crossed.

If you’re an editor and want me to work for/with you on a project (fiction or non-fiction) – or know someone that does – here’s the contact form for my website. I’m available for podcast appearances (please have me on to talk about Omegaverse, I beg of you), articles about media and/or fandom that are terribly timely, reviews, and interviews.

I’m also looking for guest posts on topics like Native American representation and stereotyping in Korean pop culture or Urban Fantasy. I’m also into guest features on my Urban Fantasy 101 or Ships n’ Shit features (because I ship many things, but not everything). The contact form is there for you to reach out to me if you want to pitch a project, turn your tumblr post into a longer essay, or just want a larger platform for your form of fannishness. I promise I’ll get to everything EVENTUALLY. Things have just been hard!

Oh, and I’m officially looking for an agent for both non-fiction and fiction projects. If you know someone who’s interested in the kind of work I do either way, send them my way! (Advice on finding an agent is also welcome and you can email me about that if you have know-how!)

Anyway: I’m trying to take care of myself and my mental health so I am still largely offline and I’ve been running away from my inbox as of late. However, in a week or so I’ll have everything back on track so I can at least email folks and socialize that way!

I hope you all had a decent March! Please feel free to drop links to your own projects or tell us all things about the cool stuff you saw and experienced last month!

And stay safe out there, y’all!


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    • Thank you!! I’m really looking forward to seeing how this month can (will hopefully) be better!! I hope you had a good March too!!


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