Meme-Ing For A Reason #5 – Take The BLM Out of Your Bio

I cannot get over how many people continue to be antiblack on main while having the nerve to have the Black Lives Matter hashtag in their Twitter (or another social media accounts) bio or in the header of their account.

Since June, I’ve seen people with “Black Lives Matter” in their bio, display name, header, or in tweets across their page:

And on the first day of Black History Month 2021… take an offline incident of anti-Asian sentiment by a Black man (and apparently a childhood being bullied by Black girls) to the internet and applied it to all Black people…


If you’re going to be antiblack on main, please take the hashtags out of your bio and the cute header off of your page. I’m begging at this point. If you don’t actually believe that all Black lives matter – as in, no caveats excluding the Black people you dislike because we don’t hold your hand gently enough through conversations about race/racism – you don’t need to keep a BLM in your bio.

Because, inevitably, you slip.

Inevitably, you go back to attacking and lying on that one Black person in fandom you can’t stand (usually because they talk about racism in “your” fandom). Inevitably, you find yourself incapable of hiding the disdain you feel for all Black people and you have to rush on social media to tell the world.

Inevitably, you just have to hyperfixate on hate because that’s what you are: hateful.

So rather than get dragged six ways from Sunday when that happens for both the antiblackness and the performative anti racism, just take that BLM out of your bio. You don’t mean it anyway and you seem to think it’ll work in the same way as an RPG buff, protecting you from criticism and a digital dunking.


One thought on “Meme-Ing For A Reason #5 – Take The BLM Out of Your Bio

  1. What the fuck? How do you put Black Lives Matter on your profile and then think it’s OK to send a Black person a message calling her a slur and wishing for her to die?


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