Stitch Wraps Up 2020

A lot happened in 2020. While it’s been one stressful year, it’s also been a year where I’ve pretty much stayed booked and busy and writing. So for those of you who aren’t super duper online, here’s what you’ve missed in terms of content, milestones, and strange or stressful things.


Best Website Content:

Quick Coverage: John Boyega Ends 2019 With a Bang (And a Hearty ‘Fuck You’ To Rey/Kylo Shippers)

Aside from the kiss-and-dissolve, the majority of their intimate moments are fight scenes. Which is fine if you personally view fighting as foreplay but the whiteness leaps out about a fandom that sees violence – including kidnapping and the threat of torture – as a precursor of romance, but clearly reciprocated affection between Finn and Rey as uncomfortable… for her and for them.

Rey/Kylo Shippers: A New Look At An Old Face of Fannish Entitlement

It doesn’t matter that for Rey/Kylo shippers, The Rise of Skywalker provides more fanservice than an A.C.E. concert.

Because while they’ve gotten ninety nine percent of what they wanted from the franchise, they didn’t get the big thing that they really wanted:

Kylo Ren’s redemption in the form of an utterly unearned Happily Ever After where Ben and his tradwife Rey pop out little Skywalker spawn to perpetuate the Skywalker family’s genetics and their shitty legacy.

[Stitch Talks Ish] Episode 2: Stitch Talks About The Rey/Kylo Fandom and Weaponized White Womanhood

And they’ve spent every single day of 2020, so far, talking shit about John Boyega.

Ostensibly, they’ll say it’s because he made a gross joke: laying the pipe. Wow, from people who are kind of obsessed with the idea that they were robbed of the chance to see Kylo Ren bust his nut in Rey, in a PG-13 Disney movie. Like, this is what this fandom is. And you’re going “Oh, man, I’m gonna clutch my pearls” because John Boyega made a single sex joke. Not even that… not even close to explicit. 

What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Weaponized White Womanhood

You see endless antiblackness in the way Black people in fandom have, across many years and many fandoms, always been turned into boogiemen and labeled threats specifically for hurting white women’s feelings – or not respecting them.

And let’s be very clear here, folks, this isn’t accidental.

Star Wars Fandom Racism Bingo 2020

Madeline is somehow involved – she’s a younger (18ish?) Rey/Kylo shipper who’s just always involved in shit and has definitely accused John/his fans of using “the race card” in the past 24 hours. Doesn’t she go to school? Or take naps? She also weaponized her white womanhood (girlhood?) to the point where WOC were rushing to cape for her and, apparently, her blue check minor celebrity daddy got involved to show that racism is a branch on the family tree!

Best Patreon Content: [Audiopost] Stitch Talks About Slavefic… Again

Like captive prince before it, which is the thing I know that people will compare it to, apparently – like at one point when you would criticize captive prince, people would be like, well, the Prince Laurent gets rid of slavery and he fights against it and blah blah, blah. 

And it’s like you guys sound like people who say that Alexander Hamilton was an abolitionist who actually really loved black people because you watched Hamilton 

like you sound goofy and anti-black while we’re at it.

High Point of the Month: John Boyega dunking on Rey/Kylo shippers who’d been a significant portion of the Star Wars fandom harassing him over the years. Most specifically? The IG video he posted dunking on the hysterical haters trying to come for him.

I cannot get over that January’s highkey antiblackness from loud, wrong, and SUPER ANTIBLACK shippers basically set the tone for 2020? The Star Wars fandom at large pretending that it was experiencing gender-based oppression because John Boyega stopped playing ball with them… carried over across all of 2020 for me? Because – full offense – white folks in fandom with too much time on their hands and racism in their heads – think criticism in fandom is a direct and violent attack on them… that should be met accordingly. When thinking about fandom’s own Karens, look no further than the ones who showed their entire ass over a ship in January.


Best Website Content:

 Stitch Talks Ish: Episode 3 – Stitch Talks Map of the Soul: 7

Anyway, this is going to be a supremely celebratory episode of Stitch Talks Ish around Map of the Soul: 7 that talks about my thoughts on the different songs across the album, the videos for the ones that have them, and my overall feelings about the group and the fandom around this comeback.

Quick Coverage: All Eyez On YunB Proving Why East Asian Appreciation and Appropriation of Blackness Are Two Sides of the Same Antiblack Coin

I know that not a single one of y’all wanted to know that there’s going to be a South Korean musical version of Tupac’s life called All Eyez on Me performed by a cast that, as far I can tell, only has a single Afro Korean performer at this moment.

I know I sure as hell could’ve lived my life without knowing.

But here we are, with this knowledge fresh in our minds.

Best Patreon Content:  [Audio Backlog] WFRLL: PickMe POC

I have never in my life cared to listen to the opinions of POC in fandom that use their identity to shut down and shit on others.

High Point of the Month: The build up to BTS’ Map of the Soul: 7 and that album’s release/all the press stuff at the end of the month.

I genuinely loved February for all the Bangtan content it brought me. Map of the Soul: 7 was such a fantastic release for me and I love all of the songs on it. If you listen to my podcast review/read the transcript, you’ll know exactly what I loved about it. This was also the month where – if I’m remembering correctly – when I bought BTS tickets for the tour for this album… I was so excited for what 2020 would bring. God.


Best Website Content: What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Migratory Slash Fandom’s Focus

Please understand that if I ever meet Franzeska’s incredibly antiblack ass, I’m going to have to challenge her to a duel. Like it’s 1850 and I’m Alexandre Dumas, but more full of rage and prone to fighting.

Because Franzeska’s Finn/Poe meta – literally posted two days after her other incredibly racist meta Your Vagina is a Bigot; My Vagina is a Saint – actively dismisses Black and Latinx fans’ concerns. It ignores the fact that people were writing racist content because it got them off and instead is like “oh well actually kinkshaming and boring stories are the villains here”.

Best Patreon Content: [Exclusive Audio] The Fun in Fandom

[…] if your fun is coming at someone’s expense, because of because of anti black tropes in your your works because of Orientalism, because of homophobia, or slurs or ableism or transmisogyny, then your fun is wrong.

High Point of the Month: having the spine necessary to tell my bosses that I would be working from home starting on the 14th.

March was the beginning of… the end? The new existence that we are still locked into? Remember, at this point I was still expecting to not have a job at the end of March (because they TOLD ME I WOULDN’T) and so I was kinda like “well if they fire me I’ll get a severance and at least I’ll be ALIVE” and decided I would work from home for them.

I also got horribly sick right around then and to this day, no idea what that was about. But it’s why I’m down a comforter until my new one comes in from Weverse…


Best Website Content: Anti What, Exactly?

At this point, if you’re in transformative fandom, you’re probably faintly aware of the term “anti” and the variety of ways it’s used to describe other people in fandom who seem to be against fandom in some way that is rarely fully explained.

In part because most of the people explaining it… can’t explain it very well because they have wildly varying definitions of what an anti is and what anti behavior looks like.

Best Patreon Content: Building a Bias + Transcript

According to a ridiculously large amount of people who congregate in fandom spaces, the only reason I write about racism in fandom, put up with slandering from pure strangers as well as the occasional round of outright harassment when someone new is feeling bold, and constantly have to steel my nerves when going to check my inbox…

Is because I’m biased and I want to influenced people to… dislike the ships and characters I’m not fond of.

It’s April 2020 and we’re in the grip of a global crisis and non-Black people in fandom are still actively twisting me into a villain for their weird goals… because I talk about racism in fandom and it makes them uncomfortable to realize that they’re part of the problem. 

High Point of the Month: Was April when i started making memes to cope with how unrelentingly racist fandom has been in general and to me specifically? Either way: I fucking love this meme I made and it’s the only thing I remember of April!

I definitely remember starting April out like “okay so at any minute now, I won’t have a job” and I even prepared for my last day of work. Like I’d closed shit out, prepared to send emails, forwarded myself files from my storage… and then I think my boss called me on the Sunday night after I’d spent the whole weekend tipsy and moping I think – and was like “we’d like you to stay on”…

And I didn’t think to ask for a raise.

What the shit.

April was also my parents and Meems’ birthdays and it was definitely painful not to see my baby on her special day. But at this point I was busy trying to get local public officials to act right and fly straight and I busied myself with being a pain in their asses first and foremost.


Best Website Content: Stitch Reviews D-2

Best Patreon Content: On No Longer Wearing The Mask

But at the same time, I’m going to talk about the things that hurt me which is the fandom— I mean across the board, not specifically ARMY, but FANDOM— being anti black. I’m going to talk about how it hurts me to see people who selectively care about social issues, selectively speak up, [and] how it sucks that like people who are tweeting Black Lives Matter now, and sharing petitions and stuff, are still people who won’t talk to their family members about anti blackness, and who see nothing wrong with bullying other black people in fandom, who talk about anti blackness from fandom, when it occurs.

High Point of the Month: This meme I made was pretty funny too!

But also, the true high point of May 2020 was Yoongi coming out with his sophomore mixtape as Agust D. Initially D-2 got a 9/10 – because that Jim Jones sample on “What Do You Think”, while absolutely something I understand as accidental, left such a bad taste in my mouth… – but overall it is such a timely, relevant, and interesting mixtape as Yoongi shares himself and his struggles with fans in a way he can’t always do as BTS’ SUGA. He’s one of my favorite rappers (period, no caveats or asterisks) and so I really loved this mixtape even with the rough spot of the early sample shit.


Best Website Content:

[Stitch Talks Ish] Episode 6: When Black Lives Matter, But Black Opinions Don’t

On Korean Artists Using Their Platforms to Say that Black Lives Matter

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t need a celebrity to tell you that Black Lives Matter.

You just shouldn’t.

You should already think that our lives matter so that when your idol favorite eventually tweets about it, you can be like “yeah! Thanks for getting the memo, now let’s work to change things”.

Your celebrity fave – regardless of where they’re from – shouldn’t be the reason you decide to care about other people.

Why Write About Fandom Racism At A Time Like This?

I’m going to keep talking about racism now because it is clearer than ever to me that there is no wall between the racism in fandom and the racism offline.

The people who are racist offline are racist in fandom.

The racism doesn’t just stop because they’re in a digital space.

In fact, it mutates.

It becomes less obvious, more dog-whistle-y. More slippery.

Antiblackness in (Service of) the Archive: A Statement

For wanting the Archive and OTW to be better in some ways – like by stating a position publicly about their tolerance or, more specifically intolerance for racism on their site* in the wake of ongoing protests worldwide following the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor  – I have been subject to a higher than usual amount of flat out racist treatment from people active in transformative fandom.

(*They have, of course, not done this. Instead their only sign of awareness was in the form of a “news roundup” linking my and Rukmini’s work without our permission or consent. We have since asked to be removed from this post.)

It is abusive. It is unending. It is done by people who I have blocked or who have me blocked… and their followers

Best Patreon Content: [Image Post] Fandom Clout For What?

The last thing that I’ve gotten from writing about fandom is clout.

And it is wild that anyone at any point actually thinks otherwise.

High Point of the Month: As much as I want to say like “BTS donating to BLM” as the high point of June, I really can’t? Because that only happened because a Black man’s murder went viral and people were forced to care about Black people on main. It means a lot to me that they and other artists used their platforms and opened their wallets, but god… why the fuck did they have to.

There were no actual high points in June.

I spent first week of June dealing with antiblackness out the goddamn ass. From the systemic shit – and I kept fucking seeing images of George Floyd’s murder everywhere because no one gets that that shit is retraumatizing – to the fact that my main fandom and fandom at large insisted on being antiblack… everything was bad.

June literally almost broke me. I was watching folks in my primary fandom say that BTS specifically didn’t need to show they cared about BLM – supposedly region locked to the US because Black people don’t live anywhere else where they’re mistreated. At the same time, the conversation about how Organization for Transformative Works had some nerve dropping my and Rukmini Pande’s work in a roundup like the OTW has active antiracist policies (and AO3 doesn’t host purposefully racist works because they are not actually against their offensive content policies)… shifted to where people were in the comments, on FFA, on twitter calling me all kinds of names and lying on me and my work. I unpacked some of what I went through in the name of other folks’ freedom in fandom and it was not pretty. It damn near took me out because people with BLM in their bios/profiles were being antiblack on main about me… but I guess I don’t count because they dislike me? Because they think I’m mean.

June was full of the reminder that fandom is full of antiblack bitches who pretend they give a shit because of course everyone else is and are more devoted to protecting racism in fandom than… basic human decency. I genuinely hope their collective 2021 experience is a shit tier one.

(Also I did get to write a piece for i-D about the lack of nuance in conversations about K-pop fandom activism following the nonsense so like… the single silver lining, I guess? But I’ve been writing good shit before June and it does anger me that it took a viral murder for people to care about my work… and that the momentum definitely fizzled out by the end of July at the latest.)


Best Website Content: Stitch Has THOUGHTS on that DKDK TV Video on BLM, Cultural Appropriation, and… Racial Slurs [+ Transcript]

Best Patreon Content: [Fiction] 12:04AM

The alarm clock on my nightstand says 12:04am.

High Point of the Month: I feel like a spent a significant chunk of July thinking about my deep love of sleeq, the feminist rapper and total cutie who was on GOOD GIRL over the summer. Her existence helped with… everything. (I also got my first Teen Vogue byline??)

Mostly, I spent lots of July recovering from June. Holy shit.

Honestly a lot of the second half of 2020 was spent recovering from June.

So much unresolved antiblackness, so much harassment from strangers claiming that I was harassing them, so many inescapable images of fatal antiblackness.


Best Website Content: #StitchProcesses Blackface

I understand that at the end of the day, this disregard that inspires both cultural appropriation and black/brown face boils down to a dehumanizing desire to consume and become the “Other”. (The “Other”, a concept used in theory to talk about perceived outsiders to a society, is documented across countless theorists across the years.)

Cultural appropriation, for many, comes out of a misguided desire to appreciate something they don’t understand. Black and brownface? That shit’s just hateful.

Best Patreon Content: [Image Post] Fandom Not For Us?

It’s become extra clear across 2020 that many people in fandom believe that fandom isn’t just a space for white fans (women, queer, disabled, dealing with trauma, but still definitely white) to thrive and find themselves but a space where Black fans are unwanted. Transformative fandom alone has made that personally and vividly clear to me across this year. Not to beat a dead horse until it comes back to life, but it remains wild to see people who are actively leading and participating in racist smear capaigns against me… do so while claiming that they definitely do love Black people (in fact, some suggest, more than I do.)


Straight up, this song gives me so much serotonin.

Forget everything else that I did in August. Caring about Dynamite is all that matters… and I guess the piece on blackface… Ugh.

August was another “wow I feel burnt out” month because I spent a very long time looking at, researching, and writing about blackface in Korean entertainment and yet another wave of fandom antiblackness and the anxiety of being alive at the time we’re living in.


Best Website Content: Apologies, Please

2020 has actually been full of apologies that have yet to go anywhere.

Most of the ones I’ve clocked… have been for Korean pop stars or rappers saying the n-word.


Best Patreon Content: [Image Posts] No Starving Artists

Think about it: Megan Thee Stallion seems like a total sweetheart, but she’s not creating fantastic thot anthems out of the goodness of her heart. She’s doing it because it sells.

High Point of the Month: Namjoon and Jungkook’s birthdays?? Duh??

September I made the mistake of engaging with a troll and so proved that troll should keep engaging with me. My bad. Definitely not happening in 2021. But I did learn a valuable lesson from that in between this and like… October and that was… don’t engage with trolls. Don’t participate in the internet of beefs if you can help it. Ignore weirdos who have nothing better do than be up your ass and of course…



Best Website Content: [Stitch Talks Ish] Episode 8A: Map of the Soul ON:E – Day One Reaction

And, and this… part of the parasocial relationship that I find fascinating is that we come to care about them, these celebrities, so much. Like December of 2018 I could not imagine that I would be as invested in BTS as I am now. You know, I could never at that point have been like “yeah, I would wake up at 5am to care about BTS” you know? I- I didn’t think of them the way that I think of them now.

And here I am, like 8 something in the morning just kind of like weeping over one of my Kpop young men because he’s fucking losing it in his ending mentions. You know?

Best Patreon Content:  [Exclusive Audio] Love To Fear + Transcript

Horror is one of the coolest things in my life. I love that this whole genre exists, that we pay people for the privilege of being scared, that we sit there trying to figure out the best times to watch a horror movie, the best types of horror movies. And we put ourselves through it. 

High Point of the Month: My birthday!

I’m in my thirties! isn’t that great/awful?

Anyway, birthmonth started great… briefly got bad right around Jimin’s birthday because I let a troll out from under their bridge and into my head… then went back to being great. I loved the experience of basking in my own existence and being told that I matter. I mean, I obviously know that I’m pretty cool and deserve nice things but it’s nice for people to like… tell me that?

Please feel free to appreciate me more often, of course. Not just when it’s my birthday or a viral murder video makes you remember that Black people matter. Thanks!


Best Website Content: When Transformative Fandom Passes The Buck On Representation In Fandom

“If only the show/film/book were better about how it handled female characters and characters of color, we’d focus on them instead,” say fans who have decided a heterosexual canon isn’t good enough and have decided to write the queer rep they deserve… but only for white people.

I’m sorry, but I thought this was transformative fandom. Not “accept shit tier canon content and suffer in silence” fandom.

Best Patreon Content: [Non-Exclusive Audio] Fandom Racism 101: Self Insert Shit


Yes, you can look at Kat Dennings play her and you know there is a real woman behind there, but, like Daisy Ridley for the Reylos in Star Wars fandom, Kat Dennings, and Kat Renning’s- Kat Denning’s Darcy Lewis serves a function of fandom bicycle— self insert— for the white female audience that wants to be shipped with Captain America, Tony Stark, Peter Parker— sort of (Because in the MCU, he is a teenager, but, like, I think they ship her with the Sony, Peter Parker.) I’ve seen Clint, Natasha, and Darcy, Thor and Darcy, Loki and Darcy. That was the ship called Taser Tricks. They have Never had a positive interaction. I’m not super sure they’ve really had any interaction. But ship had a ship name, right? 


And the thing is that Darcy Lewis was not shipped with black people. 

High Point of the Month: I got to call Megan Thee Stallion a weeb in “Megan Thee Stallion and Anime – Or, the Male Gatekeeping of Fandom Spaces

I really like the “eating turkey” part of Thanksgiving. And getting to basically spend a week where I’ve unhinged my jaw and can eat EVERYTHING under the sun is… pretty great actually.

This was also the month that BTS’ BE came out and I love that freaking album so much.(I love “Life Goes On” but also “Dis-Ease” is my actual favorite track on the CD and I need everyone to get on my level.)


Best Website Content: Fleeting Frustrations #10 – Fandom Coverage Fails

And if you’re an “expert” in fandom, you can’t claim that Destiel shippers are on that level… especially not after getting upset when Rey/Kylo shippers’ similar behavior (to QAnon fans) earns itself a write up comparing the two.

Best Patreon Content: [Exclusive Audio] BTS, the Parasocial Relationship, and Celeb Fueled Serotonin Drops.

Stitch 00:28

After reading an article about the history of Korean fans and fan activism, following the Oklahoma Trump rally that went… poorly, this fan studies scholar proceeded to basically dismiss the entire hell out of these fandom spaces, to the point of questioning if they were even fandoms at all because a company purch- pumping out merch means that the folks that buy it or that spend money on music aren’t fans apparently.

Stitch 00:54

Which— music fans are fans, music fandoms are fandom, and all are very transformative.

High Point of the Month: MIKKI FREAKING KENDALL FOLLOWED ME BACK ON TWITTER HOLY SHIT (please understand that I have been a huge fan of her writing and approach to media and fandom for a HUGE chunk of my online life. this is incredible. i’m going to cry.) Also, I got the cutest commission of my twitter icon from twitter user @cappurii and that’s had me all giddy!

December has been… nice? I think the best part of December 2020 is that when it ends, so does this absolutely hellish year. Sure 2021 could be worse. It probably will be. But at least 2020 will be over and I can pretend for a little while that things will be better.

Anyway, I worked a lot in December. Between getting to be one of the cool ass writers who contributed K-pop memories for Teen Vogue’s 2020 wrap up to doing a ditzy, tipsy unboxing… I got content OUT.

I will probably… not do this again, but it was fun while it lasted!

End of the Year Observations

  • BTS and ARMY have actually been responsible for a ton of my positive moments and bright spots across 2020 and I mean… I’m super fucking grateful that I’ve been able to, to an extent (June notwithstanding), escape into them and, for the first time in years, have fandom be a space where I’ve been able to find and have community even when critical (so far!).
  • Queer people/women powered fandom spaces are increasingly and specifically antiblack and no one is interested in unpacking that at any level. In fact, folks are actually incredibly invested in permanently reframing any Black person with a critical thought on fandom as an “anti”, as “terf lite”, as a “purity wanker” – even if they… are actually super positive about 99% of ships they come across – so that no one actually listens to us.
  • I thought it’d be weird to have a year without Marvel content, but honestly… I’d like to have that again in 2021? But for reasons unrelated to a poorly handled pandemic. But I can make that my 2021 on my own, so that’s fine.
  • Non-Black people – white people and non-black people of color – in and out of fandom really did see #BLM in all its forms as a shield against critique. As long as they retweeted petitions or had the acronym in their bio or display name, it didn’t matter how actively racist they were to Black people in their spaces. I mean, that’s how they treated it. From calling Black people the n-word to demanding that they (me!) be deplatformed for talking about anti racism in fandom, folks said and did Some Shit with BLM in a place of honor on their profiles, proving that they were in fact signaling care they didn’t feel.
  • Love O2O does not get boring. Neither does Romance is a Bonus Book. I could watch those two dramas for YEARS. Hopefully though, next year will bring me more engaging contemporary dramas.
  • In 2020, I got almost 150k pageviews from 67.6k visitors and I published over 220k words of content across 126 posts. Like many Black content creators, June was my biggest month for an audience anywhere as people rushed to follow and find the “smartest” Black person to care about/pretend to listen… and then few of the other months kept that energy.
  • I spent a lot of 2020 feeling burnt out and un/under appreciated and I know that the former is because I published like…. 4 books’ worth of content (I wrote… so much more). The latter is because I feel like I should be farther than I am. For my work ethic, effort, and accuracy, I should be farther and better known (and received) than I am. Not to be absolutely egotistical, but I am doing incredible work and I back my work up with meticulous research and… I am still absolutely not where I want to be or where I should be. It’s like… people (in fandom/media studies, fandom/media journalism, fandom as a whole) know who I am enough to crib my concepts and/or talk shit about me… but that’s it. And it is tiring to put out as much content as I actually do… only to see limited actual reward for it – I don’t mean financially? I literally want the respect I’ve earned by doing the work I’ve been doing and that few other people are doing consistently and accessibly.

What I Hope 2021 Brings

These aren’t so much resolutions as they are desperate wishes that I hope become a reality. So here’s what I hope 2021 brings me:

  • An agent – I’d really like to do an essay collection on fandom and media for fans on the ground. So, my blog but better. An agent would absolutely help me get that farther off the ground than it already is – by virtue of me having some of the essays plotted out.
  • Twitter verification – this is 100% a case of FOMO. There is no way that being verified will change my life for the better… but god do I want to be verified. So in 2021, maybe that’ll happen for me! I certainly won’t do much to make it happen!
  • A regular writing gig somewhere – It doesn’t have to be more than a weekly thing (and in fact… it probably can’t be that), but I’d like to do something regularly that lets me share my thoughts (on fandom, on media, on something) with a wider audience than what I already have.
  • A better job – Day Job is fine. It’s a thing that keeps me housed and able to buy BTS merchandise… but I would also like a better job at some point in 2021. One where I can more directly use my degree but also where I can afford to live on my own.
  • An apartment of my own – Look, I love the Maternal Unit and it stresses me when I don’t know that she’s okay. However, being stuck in this apartment with her and ONLY her since March has been hell. I want her to be able to live well but I would like to live period.
  • The chance to ask BTS (or, more specifically, BTS’s Rapline) my specific question about hip hop that’s gone unanswered all of 2020 – I’m honestly starting to get annoyed with the fact that February will make a full year since I sucked it up and put my question out into the world and no one has asked it of them. Someone please feel free to give BigHit my email and tell them to email me so I can ask them my deep hip hop question and move the hell on from fixating on it.
  • More (any) respect from people in fandom and in fan studies –  I’ve published over 210,000 words of commentary and analysis of fandom and media across 2020. I am creating content that is accessible, interesting, and accurate – content that few if any of the big nerd outlets or the Known fan studies legends – have focused on covering in 2020. And yet, I pretty much mainly get disrespect and professionals pretending they don’t know me or that while they do know me, my work and I don’t matter because I “just” run a blog  – mainly in the peripheries of fan studies. I need that to change in 2021.
  • A Hugo Award – Speaking of a desire for respect and recognition… Last year I made it onto the longlist for the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer. This year, I’d like to make it to the shortlist or even to the top of the darn thing. In the meanwhile, please think of me when nominating for the Hugo Awards, folks who are eligible to do that. You could list pretty much anything big I’ve written for 2020 but I also made it easy by putting together my best pieces here.
  • More socializing – I did socialize more in 2020 than I thought I would (digitally, of course). I’d like to do more? But that also hinges on me figuring out how to organize my time better since I can’t multitask and chat while working. We’ll see!
  • More time to read – I actually pretty much only could focus on reading fan fiction and non fiction in 2020. Everything else was hard to sink into because I’ve been stressed since February, so I have a lot to catch up on once I get the chance. I miss reading things that aren’t fic or for my writing.
  • A better grasp of Korean – I need a “Learn Korean For ADHD Brains” course or something where I can learn at my own pace but also have a regular schedule for learning that works with my mind. I don’t need to be insta-fluent, that’s impossible anyway, but I want to get further than I am (because it’s really not that far and I am ANNOYED)
  • Ideas to build and use my brand more effectively – Like yes, this is 90% for fun and because I see a gap in what others are putting out. I’d also like to figure out how to be more effective on social media. Is there a class I can take??
  • More organization! – Thanks to my friend Ang, I’ve been able to be more organized and productive in the tail end of 2020. I would like to keep that going in 2021.
  • More memes – god i love making memes. I will keep making more of them.
  • Revenge.

2020 was tough.

I hope 2021 is better for me, because if it’s somehow worse… god that’d be awful.

So let’s pour one out for Dionysus and pray for the best!


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