Star Wars Fandom Racism Bingo 2020

Note: If you haven’t seen what I and John Boyega have been through with the Star Wars’ fandom’s shippy sides, check out my What Fandom Racism Looks Like installment on Weaponized White Womanhood.


  • TLJ vs TROS – A tweet saying that The Last Jedi was better than The Rise of Skywalker… for reasons purely related to Rey/Kylo shipping reasons
  • John is jealous of Adam – the fans think that what’s driving John to dunk on the fandom in the beginning of the month is that he, a BAFTA-winning actor with a solid slate of interesting film and television projects lined up, is jealous of Adam Driver in any way
  • #NotAllReylos – deflecting provided proof of fandom antiblackness by saying that not all shippers are in on the ish
  • Antis did it – blaming everything – from Kelly Marie Tran being harassed off social media to Kylo Ren’s death at the end of the film – on people who don’t like Rey/Kylo as a pairing
  • “Our fandom has been under attack for 5 years from EVERYONE” – usually used as an excuse to get around accounting for how their fandoms warms on people who dislike their ship
  • It’s An Attack on Womanhood – everything is happening to them because they’re women and women can’t have nice things. Apparently.
  • “Reylos were the ones defending John against the Fandom Menace” – that’s a fucking lie
  • Claiming the fandom handles racism internally – To be fair, maybe? I’m clearly not in the fandom? But I will say that I’ve seen multiple Rey/Kylo shippers of color talk about how unwelcoming their own fandom was to them and how the white fans refused to let them have spaces dedicated to themselves so… doubtful. (Also, Sarah Sahim’s antiblack ass is still around!)
  • “He’s sexualizing Daisy/Rey” – It just hits differenty when it comes from someone with the display name ReyIsBensFleshlight or something equally NSFW and objectifying. But on top of that? The fandom literally sexualizes Rey/Kylo’s interactions and their outfits and… their existences.
  • “John’s just trying to distract us from his SEXISM” – again, if he wanted to distract y’all from his Instagram comment, would he have uh… done something that raised his fandom visibility further? Really?
  • Misunderstanding or misusing AAVE – the next non-black person I see using AAVE to condescend to a Black person in this fandom is getting a stern mocking
  • You’re Just Playing The Race Card – there are so many people who think that John and his fans are using his Blackness to escape critique when that’s literally not what’s going on
  • FREE SPACE – here we could’ve had something about how the stans keep bringing up how John liked a post about Chris Brown being exonerated or whatever from rape charges (ick and gross) while ignoring that Adam Driver has worked with Lena Dunham and Terry Gillam (who are ick and gross – or the way the fans use Kelly Marie Tran and their supposed love of her as a trap card they slap down to prove they’re not racist
  • Implying that John is a predator or a potential sex pest – yes, they’ve taken their fear of Black male sexuality (I guess) to its logical conclusion… implying he’s a potential rapist or that he may be one in the future
  • “ShitReylosSay is bullying us” – the account – which gets submissions from other people – is literally just posting the wild ass shit the fans say? With the screennames cut out? Unlike me.
  • *snide comment about John’s career trajectory* – I swear these infants can’t read because otherwise, they’d be able to go on iMDb and check out what movies and shows John’s going to be working on in the next few months? But yeah, he dunked on one of the many toxic fanbases attached to a Disney property, I guess that’s supposed to tank his career? Somehow.
  • The First Finn Fans – They keep claiming that they were the Finn fans who loved him the most and like… no. No one loves Black characters the way Black people do. We love them early and we love them forever. Just look at Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z!
  • “We don’t claim that racist fan” – this happens more when it’s a cropped screenshot but if it’s from a younger account (chronologically, I guess) they’re like “uh… we don’t claim that fan”. Well tough tiddies, babe because they claim you.
  • “John is attacking a diverse fandom” – The presence of fans of color in the Rey/Kylo fandom doesn’t preclude the whiteness of the overarching fandom or how the fandom moves in service of white womanhood. He’s also not attacking you absolute potato chip cans.
  • Think of the children – It remains wild to me to see folks in a fandom that was full of people wishing this PG-13 had a raunchy sex scene suddenly care about children? Whether it’s “but my CHILDREN couldn’t handle it when BEN DIED” or Jenny Nicholson’s hypocritical ass wailing about how John’s singular comment was distasteful for her because he was sexualizing a children’s character – despite her Not Safe For Kidlets My Little Pony take or the time she read steamy Rey/Kylo fic on her Youtube channel – it’s all embarrassing as fuck.
  • #ReportandBlock – taking a page from K-pop fandom, some Rey/Kylo shippers will be like “don’t engage, just block” only it’s about Black people talking about racism, the ShitReylosSay account, or John Boyega’s tweets or Instagram video
  • MISOGYNY – is that the only issue they know of? It’s a go-to to accuse folks of, especially ones who aren’t women. (If you want, you can replace this with “Kelly Marie Tran’s existence being used as a trap card”
  • Madeline is somehow involved – she’s a younger (18ish?) Rey/Kylo shipper who’s just always involved in shit and has definitely accused John/his fans of using “the race card” in the past 24 hours. Doesn’t she go to school? Or take naps? She also weaponized her white womanhood (girlhood?) to the point where WOC were rushing to cape for her and, apparently, her blue check minor celebrity daddy got involved to show that racism is a branch on the family tree!
  • “I’m a WOC and I have never seen racism in this fandom” – binches be lying and they know it. But if you see a woman of color claim that they’ve never seen racism from their fandom, please assume that they’ve got their heads stuck in the sand and stick a sticker on here. (And know that what I’d originally written was far meaner than what ended up in the end because fuck if I don’t hate PickMe POC a whole huge ton.)
  • “But have you read Katie’s article” – I’ve seen like 5 people recommend that ~totally unbiased data analysist~ (who doesn’t identify herself as a shipper invested in “proving” her ship fandom’s lack of responsibility), at least one a WOC who lied out her ass on me to that Star Wars social media manager who doesn’t seem to be up to date with the fandom she’s supposed to be keeping tabs on for her literal job. That shit is ridiculous and they should be ashamed of themselves.

I hope you got a kick out of my snarky little fandom racism bingo card. If you didn’t… oh well!


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