Stitch in May (Schedule Pending)

So here’s the thing about May:

I don’t have my calendar up yet for May. I’m trying to estimate what the month may even look like because where March dragged along so slowly, April zoomed on by. There’s still so much to do and no idea when I’ll have time to do it all

Plus… we have a whole ass pandemic, malevolent people in power trying to burn the US to the ground, and fascists about to fuck everything up for all of us so like… who the fuck knows what the future will bring.

So for May, I promise nothing except that I’ll try my best.

Because that’s better than the alternative… my worst.

So bear with me because these are trying and terrifying timew, and if I get something resembling a schedule for anything outside of Patreon (where my goal is to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays), I’ll post it!

In the meantime, here’s what’s I’m going to try my best to get out for y’all in May as long as the world cooperates.

Twitter/Site Content

  • For Sure
    • Sociolinguistic Identity Construction Blog Post  – if you’re not on twitter, you probably missed the very VERY lengthy thread I did on Angela Reyes’ work on Asian American teens adopting African American slang… now it’s a neat and LONG blog post!
    • Flashback Friday: My Martha Jones (Fandom) Problem – I found a post I did about how the Doctor Who fandom was super ridiculously racist and UNFAIR to Martha Jones that hasn’t been reposted yet on my site
    • Podcast Episode #5 – Who knows but there will be profanity! I hope you’re excited!
    • Night Shift Dragons Review (May 5) – It’s the end of the series
    • Social Distancing Rec List – If you’re able to stay home for work or you’ve got a lot of anxiety-fueled downtime when you’re home, have I got a bunch of freaking things for you to read, watch, and listen to across the distant dreadful future
    • What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Curation Nation – I am a huge fan of curating your fandom space and I think it’s a valuable way to minimize the harm that other people can do to others in the name of fandom. However, what happens when curation is used as a way to silence dissent from people critical of fandom… like in the case of fans of color and white allies talking about racism in fandom and media
    • Fandom Racism 101 Intro and Call For Writers – I promised this was happening. The intro post and a call for interested writers will be up before the end of the month. We’ll be going through the basics and then onward!
    • The Hollows Reread Part 3 – the next five chapters of the reread!
    • Room For Criticism in Fandom, Or Nah? – a commissioned piece about criticism in fandom, making room for it, and why criticism of transformative fandom shouldn’t be seen as directly opposite the spirit of transformative fandom
  • Maybe
    • ARMY Culture Review – I am halfway through this book and I want to review it. I just… need to finish it.
    • Urban Fantasy 101: The Supernatural Influence – Now that Supernatural is finally (almost) over, let’s talk about how it was influenced by the urban fantasy book genre… and what it gave back to the genre. (For better or for worst.
    • Romance is a Bonus Book Retrospective – Honestly, I just want to scream about this series and I’m always rewatching it so…
    • K-Pop Industry/Fandom Project (Something on Apologies?) – I want to talk about apologies that we do get… and the apologies we never do. And I want to talk about that one Stray Kids’ apple-apology because that was just… special and unhelpful and not an apology.


  • Repost Hire The Stitch – $10 Tier – where you can hire me to do an hour of writing/editing work for you!
  • WIP Post:3 Pillars of Fandom – $1+ tiers – a snippet for an article I’m working on about these three rules of fandom that always work neatly to stop people from commenting critically on fandom
  • Audio Backlog: What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Migratory Slash Fandom’s Focus – $1+ Tiers – Where I record narration for an older post and drop some update commentary alongside it
  • Photo Essay/Image Post: 3 Pillars of Fandom – the graphics I made for this month’s WFRLL post!
  • Finished Draft: 3 Pillars of Fandom and/or The Hollows Reread Part 4 –$3+ Tiers –  You’re either getting the finished draft of 3 Pillars of Fandom or the next five chapters in my reread of The Hollows. Who knows!
  • Unexclusive Audio: Lessons I’ve Learned From Stan Twitter Fandom – $3+ Tiers – This is going to be a surprise but I promise it will be hilarious to me at least and snarky regardless. Will have a transcript.
  • Exclusive Audio: Who Wears The Mask – $5 & $10 Tiers – Thinking about what it means to be a Black person in digital nerd spaces wearing the mask that grins and lies because when we’re sharp… we’re cut down.
  • Fiction/Poetry: Cannibalism Surprise – $5 & $10 Tiers – Well… If I told y’all what this would be about, that’d ruin the surprise, wouldn’t it?