April Content Calendar

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Friends, March was a lot.

April is already set up to be even more.

At this point, everyone I know is trying to figure out how they’re going to handle the COVID-19 crisis. Routines have been… rerouted. A lot of folks have lost their jobs, including… me. If y’all remember, at the start of March, my one boss was like “we’re downsizing and trying to save our skins so you’re getting cut”.

Well, it’s the start of April and my time (of unemployment, beyond some freelance article editing and uploading for them) has come.

As the job was the first time that I’d had reliable health insurance in four years and I was basically the breadwinner for my family… You bet I’m panicking.

But I’m trying to channel all of that nervous energy into a positive outlet… creating content and building my brand and audience further! Because writing is the one way I have been able to express myself and make money enough to live on to an extent!

So, barring any complications by the pandemic holding us frozen in our homes (those of us who are at home), here’s what’s on the schedule for April.

(I’ll obviously let y’all know if something catastrophic happens either with me/my family up here or with my dad because that’d clearly stop me from working to these scheduled goals.)

April 1 – this post & a repost of my  “Hire the Stitch” link for folks at the $10 Tier on Patreon

April 3rd – the second half of my “BTS as Rivers of London characters” twitter thread

April 6th – Stitch Talks Ish Episode #4: Where Stitch Processes – It’s been a year since I started researching and writing my project on blackness/antiblackness in Korean pop and hip hop and it’s a solid time to talk about what that year has been like

April 7th – WIP Post on Patreon/$1 Tier: Urban Fantasy 101: My Mage Problem

April 9th – Audio Backlog on Patreon/$1 Tier: Urban Fantasy 101: Quick Coverage John Boyega

April 19th – A twitter thread about sociolinguistic identity construction and Asian-Americans borrowing Blackness

April 14th – Nonexclusive Audio on Patreon/$3 Tier: Building a Bias: On one particular struggle I’ve had across my time working on my big project

April 15th – “But Namjoon” Nothing – The next big #StitchProcesses essay about how some folks use other idols’ antiblackness to beat other fans with when they’re critical

April 16th – Finished Draft on Patreon/$3 Tier: Urban Fantasy 101: How Not To Write Were-Hyenas

April 20th – 5 Years With Stitch’s Media Mix Anniversary Special Video

April 21st – Photo Essay on Patreon/$1 Tier: Anita Blake and Passing Privilege

April 23rd – Exclusive Audio on Patreon/$5 Tier: Sociolinguistic Identity Construction

April 24th – ARMY Culture book review (finally /sobs/)

April 26th – Authenticity Mini Essay #4: Gatekeepers and Idol Rappers

April 29th – “They Think They’re Talking Black”, A #StitchProcesses Video

April 30th – Fiction on Patreon/$5 Tier: “Prey at Play”

I’m taking questions for my Blog Anniversary Special so if there’s something you want to have me answer, just leave it in the comments as a question and I’ll get to it in my video! (Please do this!)

I hope you’re all staying as safe as possible in these terrifying times! Things are scary and around the world, we’re seeing world leaders who literally can’t be bothered to pretend they don’t hate us. The US is in bad shape already, but so are other places. There are many places where the people in charge are just as ignorant and malicious as Trump is and I worry for all of us as this crisis escalates.

I hope April won’t be too bad, but… I’m already preparing myself for the worst and trying to make sure my family is as prepared as possible.

Know that I adore and appreciate every single one of y’all!

I don’t know what good praying will do, but you’d better believe I’ll be doing a ton of it… And if I can get a new job and financial security, I’ll try to help out in more tangible ways!

Stay safe everyone, and I hope we’ll all be in decent shape come May!