March Content Calendar

I’m putting things together for March and this is what my schedule currently looks like!

Three of the things are catch-ups (2 for my site and 1 for Patreon) but everything else is fresh content that is NOT carried over from last month. The blog is going to have a fair amount of k-pop, but Patreon this month is going to primarily be about fandom and a return to my Urban Fantasy 101 series.

(There will be some surprise light and fun k-pop content because I live for it though!)

I haven’t decided what my next podcast episode will be about – I’m thinking about Castlevania since the new season drops in two days – or what the fiction or poetry will be, but I’m literally leaning towards polishing the first two parts of a poem I started about privilege…

Day job continues to be A Lot and I just picked up some freelance work since I have to try to save up for a potential move/the inevitable moment when this job no longer exists so I will be Supremely Busy. But please feel free to nudge me extra hard if/when you need me.

I’m honestly NOT ignoring anyone, but I am also really scatterbrained and don’t focus well on a good day, much less the days I’ve been having where all I do is work and write.

Thank you once again for supporting me and I hope that you’ll all enjoy my March content!<3

PS: if you’re at the $10 Tier on Patreon, don’t forget that an hour of my time on your project is a perk of your patronage!