What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Power & Privilege

This was originally posted on Patreon in November without any real extra-text.

One of the most interesting (and frustrating) things about talking about fandom and media and the racism present in these spaces is how many people view my position as one that has any power in fandom.

Think of the fans of color you know of that have large accounts revolving around a single fandom. Are the accounts you know of critical of fandom? Do they talk about racism on the regular?

Chances are, that if you know of a large fandom account run by a fan of color, that that user probably doesn’t talk about race and racism in their fandom.

People of color in fandom don’t have or gain privilege and power for talking about race and race in fandom. What they get, in fact, is harassment and a reputation for being difficult.

The people in fandom that do have the power in these spaces are the ones being paid to write weak and wack articles for The Nerdist and The Mary Sue. They’re the ones who have tens of thousands of followers who spread their disinformation across the internet. They’re the ones who will bend over backwards to “prove” their fandom isn’t racist.

Lil ole me?

Not on that level in the least.


One thought on “What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Power & Privilege

  1. As a firm believer in all people being created equal I feel that I am blessed to follow some of the most wonderful people on WordPress and Twitter and will not join any of the most blatantly “racist” and “sexist” social media sites (Facebook is the one which springs most readily to mind).
    I take it that you are a POC since your picture makes you look black (and beautiful you are too). I will stand up for anyone who is harassed for being themselves, I detest any form of violence and most readily will jump into protect someone from a group. The right and wrong doesn’t matter because until the violence stops all we hear is noise.
    The thing most wrong in America and Britain at the moment is the sudden upsurge in violence against minorities, women, black’s, asian’s and others. If we don’t fight to stop this together we have no chance against the wave coming to smash it once and for all.

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