Stitch Does Stuff in November 2019

What I’m Into In November:

  • Books: Queen of the Conquered, Speculative Blackness: The Future of Race in Science Fiction, Archangel’s War, BTS and ARMY Culture
  • Music: BTS, TXT, the Wicked soundtrack
  • Shows: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (again)
  • Movies: documentaries probably, definitely John Wick 3
  • Food: pizza and maybe Korean if I can afford it

The Usual Support Links

October sure was a month y’all.

You may have noticed that while I went “wow I’m going to make a lot of content”, the reality was that… I did not do that. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you might not have picked up on why.

Unfortunately, when stressed, I tend to shut down and my output slows to a clear crawl. And I spent a huge chunk of October stressed beyond belief. Between the latest reminder that Black fans critical of anything aren’t welcome in fandom, the family car getting multiple flats and getting towed, and some renewed stress at Day Job (thanks to tasks I’m working on and stuff I’m trying to optimize) that I’m still trying to overcome, I was already slower than usual despite my desire to be Super Organized.

Then my birthday happened on the twenty-fourth and while I had an amazing time, I then promptly got sick. The reason why y’all are getting this post on the fourth instead of the first is because this is the first time since about the 25th or 26th that I’ve honestly felt up to sitting in front of a computer and putting my schedule together for November. As recently as last night, I had a debilitating sinus headache and couldn’t breathe through my nose.

But part of the way through my work day today, the stars seemed to align and right around the time when I threw my back out around lunch, my cold seemed to clear up.

So I’m back on track – to an extent. (Because as I write this, I’m currently sitting on the couch with an Icy Hot patch on my back and a brain full of worry because of all the job and life related stress I’ve got hitting me.)

I’ve got my notebook together, plans in place for how to catch up with everything, and the determination to make it all happen. So we’re making it happen, folks. I’m making November AWESOME and full of content.

Are you ready?

For November, I’ll be playing one hell of a game of catch-up to bring my October content up to date and then put out some original November content. I’m in the process of putting my actual calendar together, but I’ll post a screenshot here and on social media once it’s largely completed and I’ll try not to change it too much.


But for the moment, here’s roughly the in-progress and finished content y’all will be getting in November:



October wasn’t all bad, let’s be very real here. My twenty-ninth birthday in particular was honestly one of the best birthdays I’ve had. I spent it at Gabose Pocha, a lounge a few miles north of my job, and had delicious Korean bar food and cocktails. I loved the environment and the experience so much. 10/10 want to go back there again!

I also like… I like the challenges of my day job. I like my coworkers (who surprised me with a delicious cake and sang Happy Birthday to me on the day of my birthday). I’m just genuinely exhausted by the end of the day and that is something I have to work on.

At the end of the day, I am inching towards financial stability here and that will give me the room to create the content I want more often and build my audience better.

So I’m going to keep going.

Thank you for coming with me for one more month.


gossip stitch

PS. I know I’ve already shared it in my links for the month, but uh… in absolutely unusual support links, one thing I’d really appreciate y’all sharing is a GoFundMe that I’m running to help my sister get her life back on track. Our first goal, because it’s literally life threatening in nature, is for $2000 to get her the dental care she needs after her insurance dismissed her dentist’s request for coverage for a necessary surgery.

We’re at just under $200 and she’s going to schedule an appointment to pull the main problem tooth Wednesday. Any help y’all can give will help because when I say her dental health is bad… It’s honestly one of the most distressing things I’ve ever seen in my life. If you can donate, awesome. If you can share, excellent! I just need to get this seen by as many people as possible!

PPS: I’m casually looking for a low-stress and hopefully online second job that I can continue my incredibly slow crawl to financial stability. If you’ve got a bead on a part time job I can do online and/or on the weekends, just let me know, okay?