Stitch Does Stuff in October 2019

Dear pumpkins,

You can probably tell from the spoopy header I made just for this, but October is my favorite month of the year.

I’m gonna be real here: it’s Halloween month and Birthmonth wrapped up into one super spooky package and I always tend to go overboard with everything. It’s what we all deserve, after all. October is the real spiritual start of fall here in the US (sorry September) and I put my all into being the embodiment of that spooky, post-summer sensation.

In case you missed it, September was kind of amazing for me in terms of creating content. I set up a schedule and I stuck to it so hard. It was only really at the end of the month where I started flagging and didn’t stick to my schedule and that’s understandable because I did a lot of work.

This month, I still want to do a ton, but I’m also well aware of how Birthmonth usually goes: I plan a lot, but instead wind up zeroing in on some supreme self-care. (Which is fine, but I want to schedule stuff better and figure out scheduling.

This month, we’ve got a lot (potentially) going on. We’re seeing lots of prime October content in that pretty much everything I’m writing and posting is either self-indulgent or spoopy. Some of them are a little bit of both.

First thing to talk about are my Birthmonth plans. I’ll be bringing up some supreme lady loving with the narrated version of my erotic F/F story “Girl, Get Wrecked” and the first one or two chapters of my in-progress paranormal romance story “Little Wolf, Big Red, and the Huntress”. Because there’s no better time to load up on the quality queerwolf content than on my birthday. (No joke, those’ll go up on my site and on Patreon on my birthday.)

I’ll also be doing a general State of the Stitch where I talk about my growth and my failings and what I’ve learned since my last birthday.

I’m also doing Kinktober (although I’m already behind by virtue of leaving my one NSFW notebook on my bed as I was running out of the door…) Those stories will be on Dreamwidth and/or messaged to a select few who’ve expressed interest. I’m not sure who’s getting what, just yet.

For my site and Patreon, I’ve got a bunch of stuff going on, so let’s look at the (tentative) schedule.

1 – This October post/Audience Participation Poll Start/Ask an English MA post

2 – Audio Backlog  K-Pop cultural appropriation post part 1 (Patreon)

3 –  What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Pick Me POC

4 – Cultural Appropriation, Appreciation, & Fine Lines People Keep Crossing

5 – Archangel’s War review

6 – Slash Ship Check List (Patreon)

7 – Summer Package Unboxing & Bitterness & End of Audience Appreciation Poll on Patreon

8 – “But Namjoon” Snippet

9 – Authenticity essay snippet

10 – Fic-As-Lit snippet

11 – Foregrounding Essay

13 – Urban Fantasy 101: What’s On TV

15 – Black Sound Draft

17 – Undecided Audiopost

19 – Urban Fantasy 101: Rereading The Hollows Book 1, Chs 1-5 (Patreon)

21 – Audio Backlog for WFRLL: When White Characters Somehow Aren’t White

24 – Birthmonth Content

27 – Dear Laurell K Hamilton

30 – Video Log for the Month

31 – Get Scared With The Stitch(‘s Recs)

I’ve also got another unboxing planned, but I literally don’t know when that package will ship so it’s not listed yet. Same goes for a Worldbuilding Wednesday, the first installment of my Podcast in Progress Stitch Talks Ish and a rare planned Fleeting Frustrations installment I’ve got to do. I haven’t scheduled them yet.

I’ll also be moving my threading for my project to Dreamwidth as much as I can (or, making a side account on WordPress for it… Who knows.)

As with September, my goal is to put out a consistent spread of content about different things along the month. We’ll see if I do well once again! (I feel confident!)

What I’m Into In October:

Books: Queen of the Conquered,  Gideon the Ninth, Archangel’s War

Music: Zion T, Hamilton, still BTS…

Shows: Graceful Family, those Bon Appetit YouTube series

Movies: the Joker (look…)

Food: Barbecue

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If you want to celebrate any aspect of Birthmonth with me, I’m totally down. However: I expect nothing from anyone so don’t feel like you have to drive to my neck of South Florida or buy me a gift, because really, the best gift I could ask for is your continued support and understanding as I remain a person in progress and create content that matches my interests (but maybe not yours?)


gossip stitch

PS: I’m running a giveaway for my Twitter followers until October 12th! If you haven’t joined and you follow me on twitter, you should get in on it!

PPS: If you check back here in a few hours, the dates may shift a little as I’m not super sure when any thing actually is. So don’t be alarmed, I just wrote that schedule out without looking at a single calendar.