Stitch Does Stuff In August 2019

Hello pumpkins,

I know I was like “I’m not going to do another month with three public installments of What Fandom Racism Looks Like” but uh… so far that’s what August is shaping up to be.

I’ve got three installments of WFRLL on the docket to go up on my site this month: a piece on “Fandoming While Black”, the cultural appropriation in Korean pop/hip hop essay I’d been working for about two weeks after I failed hard at foregrounding, and a short installment on intent behind racist fanworks and how intent isn’t magical.

I’m also playing catch-up this month with my rec list for F/F content, the series squee post for Grayson, and, if I can get the time to reread it, my review for Alyssa Cole’s A Prince on Paper.

I’ll also be posting public video content related to the upcoming cultural appropriation essay and the Supergirl fandom’s continuously racist reactions to Mehcad Brooks and James Olsen. (And, despite the fact that I’m behind on my attempt at having a podcast on Patreon, I’m contemplating doing mini-podcast episodes starting the end of this month! We’ll see how this goes!)

On the Patreon front, I am supremely busy.

When it comes to catching up, I’ve got a lot to do. I still haven’t finished the Nakia essay, the WFRLL piece on weaponized white womanhood needs some serious retooling, and at this point, I’m back to really not wanting to read the Anita Blake series so the Cerulean Sins post is on hold.

However, I’ve also got plans for more manageable content creation going on!

Video content is currently pretty easy for me to do fast and well so I’ll be working on (hopefully) captioned videos covering some content instead of text essays.

For Patreon, y’all will get the Nakia and Black Panther politics piece as a video essay instead of a written one. I’ll also have a general video log for life updates if any happen by the end of the month as well as one specifically for the WFRLL essay series on antiblackness in the K-pop industry and in fandom spaces.

When it comes to writing, here’s what I’ll be working on for sure across August and posting as drafts or snippets on Patreon:

  • The second attempt at my Furious Foregrounding
  • Black Sound… Somehow Not For Black Fans
  • Weaponized White Womanhood essay (retooled a bit)
  • Urban Fantasy 101: Bitching Witches (this was Witchcraft and Wizardry from last month)
  • The piece I’m working on about anti-queer attitudes/imagery in the Anita Blake series

I’ll also have a return to regular content in August’s Audience Participation and “Ask An English MA” features as well as some image posts as I put together social media posts for sharing and headers for content going up this month. (Patreon now has image galleries as an option and boy am I here for that!)

I still have no idea what an appropriate work-life balance looks like and I definitely don’t think I have one – at this point, I’m mainlining caffeine something fierce and defiinitely not sleeping, eating, or writing enough– but I’m currently still employed and that’s what’s important. Right?

Family wise, things are very tough and I’m not sure what to do about it all, but I’ll keep trying. For them and for y’all.

Thank you all for your continued support and your patience!

I’ll keep doing my best to make sure that I’m creating quality content that interests y’all!

Let’s make August awesome together!


gossip stitch

PS: check out my book and preorder it if you haven’t yet!

PPS: There’ll probably be some purely celebratory K-pop content coming up on my site that’s just plain not scheduled because the niecelings and I are going to see BTS’ Bring the Soul on Wednesday and then the following Saturday, Meems and I will be watching the Monsta X concert on Vlive because we stan those goofy, talented dudes!

PPPS: (Is that even how that works?) Anyway, one last thing is that I still can’t get over RM’s collab with Lil Nas X on Seoul Town Road or BTS’s Love Myself Global Campaign Video. What the fuck, y’all?