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Urban Fantasy 101: My Eight Favorite Urban Fantasy Reads of 2018

2018 was a great year for me for urban fantasy reads and for my Urban Fantasy 101 series overall. I had more hits in the genre than misses and I found books and authors that I’ll always adore. I was … Continue reading

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The Great Big Anita Blake ReRead: Burnt Offerings

Content warnings: this installment of The Great Big Anita Blake Reread talks about rape and racism in mild detail (and they’re connected in my analysis of Hamilton’s writing in this book) that include repeated references to what winds up being … Continue reading

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[Book Review] A Wedding One Christmas by Therese Beharrie

Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. A Wedding One Christmas, a short and sugary sweet Christmas novel set in Caledon, South Africa, was my introduction to romance … Continue reading

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#FlashbackFriday – “Dear Budding Sleepy Hollow Fandom”

Originally published on my Tumblr September 17, 2013. Seriously, it’s been five years of me talking about misogynoir in fandom and with shipping and things have gotten way worse instead of better. (Also, lightly edited for clarity.) Dear Budding Sleepy Hollow … Continue reading

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[Stitch Likes Villains] Thrawn

If left unchecked, there’s no limit to how many times I’ll bring up Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn (the 2016 novel and its titular character) in a conversation about Star Wars.  Continue reading

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Empire State University Stories (A Marvel College AU series)

Originally published in 2014 on the AO3. This is a college AU for the MCU that was born out of a desire to have more Thor/Ororo and Sam/Steve. It’s still technically in progress, but it’s been YEARS. \ Trip Ororo … Continue reading

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Stitch Has Lived A Life – 2018 Wrap Up

2018 sure was a year… I did a lot of really awesome things, but I’ve also had a really rough year with no sign of it getting better. As I write this, I’m still unemployed and I have no idea … Continue reading

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Double Booked (A Thor/Ororo Fanfic)

Originally published on the AO3 May 26, 2014 as part of Unconventional Courtship 2014. Lightly edited to correct spelling/grammar errors. “Who are you?” After three months of travelling, all Thor Odinson wants to do is sink into his own bed. The … Continue reading

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[Book Review] Minimum Wage Magic (DFZ #1) by Rachel Aaron

Fantasy writer Rachel Aaron has had one hell of a year in publishing. She’s teamed up with her husband Travis to write Forever Fantasy Online (the first in a trilogy of fantasy novels), published Garrison Girl, an original novel set … Continue reading

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Urban Fantasy 101: Definitive-Ish

First of all, what exactly does the “urban” in urban fantasy mean? Continue reading

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