Stitch Does Stuff in December

It’s the end of 2018 and I am so ready for this year to be over. While I’ve had incredible personal, creative, and academic successes this year, it’s also been the longest year I’ve ever lived in my life so far andfull to the brim with stress. But I’m not done just yet.

I’m wrapping up 2018 with a full slate of projects and pieces (in-progress and completed) for my website, Patreon, and maybe a couple of other outlets. This includes my end of the year wrap up post, “Best Books of 2018” lists, and a ton of book reviews for your reading pleasure.

So, let’s get started with my list of things that will be going up on my website and Patreon this final month of 2018!


Book Reviews:

  • A Duke by Default
  • Lies Sleeping
  • Minimum Wage Magic
  • A Wedding One Christmas
  • Archangel’s Prophecy

Stitch Loves Villains: Thrawn

Urban Fantasy 101: Definitive-Ish

End of the Year Posts

  • Best (Non-Urban Fantasy) Books of 2018 video + list
  • Best Urban Fantasy Books of 2018 list
  • General End of the Year Wrap-Up

[Watch this space for additional website posts!]


Audience Participation December 2018 – $5 and $10 Tiers

On Gatekeepers in SFFCommunit(y/ies)

There have alwaysbeen gatekeepers in the SFF community and in fandom spaces. Recently however,with NK Jemisin winning the “Best Novel” Hugo for the third book in a row, some truly ridiculous gatekeepers have crawled out of the woodwork to remind us that our views and desires for SFF in 2018 and beyond don’t exactly mesh. This essay would look at the way privileged gatekeepers (because of their whiteness, straightness,and/or maleness) wield this idea of a single solidified SFF community with arbitrarily applied quality standards to shut down, silence, alienate, and dismiss marginalized fans and creators using a bunch of recent examples.

List of Loises: Fiveof my Favorite Portrayals of Lois Lane

It’s pretty straightforward: this is where I go deep into my Lois Lane love and talk about some of my favorite actresses to play the role.If you’ve ever wanted my opinion on Lois Lane, this is the post you should vote for! 

In Retrospect: The Authority Volume 1  

Similar to my “Problematic Fave” pieces, this would be a close reading of a piece of media looking at the things I loved or loathed in my nerdy past and how I feel about them now. I chose The Authority for this first essay because it was one of my favorite comic series, but I haven’t reread it in a couple of years. (And yes, I’ll slog my way through the Mark Millar bits if I have to.)

Ships ‘n Shit – Ororo/Thor  – $3 Tier

Essentially a fast and loose ship manifesto for the mostelectric of ships, this would look at the wildly underappreciated rarepair of Ororo Munroe and Thor. They would be amazing together and I’m gonna talk about that and recommend some of that sweet Thororo content.

The Great Big Anita Blake Reread: Blue Moon – $3 Tier

Tackling the good, the bad, and the just plain borked about the eighth Anita Blake novel, Blue Moon. Full of victim blaming pseudo-feminism, werewolf pack politics that make me itch, and the return of the Richard/Anita romance (if only for a little while), this book is a hot mess that I remember only really liking because of two (sadly underutilized)werewolves of color.

Urban Fantasy 101: Vamp Supremacy (snippets + finished draft) – snippets at the $1 Tier, finished draft at the $3 Tier

This is my main goal for December, to finish this Urban Fantasy 101 post and get it ready for the next step, putting it on my website.

Urban Fantasy 101: The Preternatural Patriarchy (snippets) – $1 Tier

I’m working on a theory about how the patriarchy plays out in urban fantasy books especially in shapeshifter groups. So… this is an experiment.

Urban Fantasy 101:  My Mage Problem (snippets) – $1 Tier

Same goes for this one. But this one was born out of rage instead of annoyed curiosity.

What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Pretending At Preference (snippets + finished draft) – $1 Tier for snippets, $3 Tier for draft

I’ve decided to split the WFRLL posts on Patterns and Preference into two separate posts. The “Patterns” post, which will focus on observed patterns of shipping and what characters wind up popular, is being split from “Preferences”which will talk about how it is absolutely racist to claim you prefer white(and usually male) characters above all else.

Audioposts – $5 and 10 Tiers

Definitely at least two. One will be about Kory in Titansbecause I love her.

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