[Book Review] Rafe (Loose Ends #1) by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Rafe cover copy

After her live-in nanny bounces without warning, leaving her twin six-year-old daughters alone for several hours, Dr. Sloan Copeland finds herself in desperate need of a new nanny as she works long hours and the girls are set to start school very soon.

Enter Rafe.

A big, bearded, babe of a man, Rafe has been working as a nanny for a while and, after his most recent family heads to Australia, he’s starting to consider whether or not he wants to keep working in childcare. He loves his job and the kids he takes care of (seriously swoonworthy, y’all), but he’s contemplating changing careers… right until he sees Sloan and her cute as heck little girls.

Rafe is a soft and sweet contemporary erotic romance that focuses on the mutual attraction developing between Rafe and Sloan as they raise Addison and Avery together. Honestly, the most stressful parts of the novel (involving Sloan’s oily ex-husband) were a mere blip on the radar because the main focus is on that gentle relationship Sloan and Rafe are building and his presence in her daughters’ lives as he becomes part of their family and falls in love with them as a unit.

In Rafe, Rebekah Weatherspoon combines two of my favorite romance tropes: hot single parent and parent falls for hot nanny.

First of all, if you don’t know my feelings these tropes, you don’t know me at all because I won’t stop talking about them. I love those stories because they remind me the most of some of my favorite experiences in fandom and my favorite types of fan fiction.  Second of all, Rafe is a perfect book to read if you need to destress and just… unload the weight of the world for a little while. I’ve reread it three times so far and I keep ending my rereads with a soft smile on my face because it’s just so dang goopy.

And I don’t know many people that couldn’t use a little bit of goop in their lives right about now.

Content Warnings/Notes:  Sloan’s ex-husband is terrible and controlling. He shows up a couple times in person (including a very stressful scene at the airport near the end of the book) and Sloan is occasionally anxious when thinking about how he treats her/treated her while they were married.
Are There Sex Scenes/Sexual Content?:   Yes, and explicit ones at that.
What I Liked Most About It:   Addison and Avery are the cutest little dumplings and they remind me of my niece Tiny T SO MUCH, Rafe is such a sweetheart of a dude and definitely a top contender for Best Book Boyfriend 2018, super steamy sex scenes, I loved that Rafe and Sloan talked about what they wanted from what they were doing, and how Weatherspoon casually (but obviously) covered the issues of consent and power imbalance in situations where you’re dating your boss… and watching her kids
What I Could’ve Done Without:  N/A
Where Y’all Can Buy It:  Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iBooks |Kobo
Author’s Website/Social Media: Rebekah Weatherspoon @ Twitter | Website | WOC in Romance
Highly Recommended