[Audio Review] Stitch Takes On… Spider-Man: Homecoming

Stitch Takes On - Spider-Man Homecoming

So I’m trying something new by making an audio review following my second viewing of Spider-Man: Homecoming! Right now I don’t have a way to transcribe the audio, but f I ever get to a place where I can afford to pay for transcription… I’ll get on that.

This review contains so many spoilers for Homecoming, a metric ton of Tony Stark Hate (ugh), some bitterness about the Miles Morales movie we could’ve had, and goopy fawning over how much I loved this movie.


3 thoughts on “[Audio Review] Stitch Takes On… Spider-Man: Homecoming

  1. OMG! That was what I said to my niece in the theater about Liz’s eyes. I leaned over to her and said, her eyes are huge.

    I also think that Zendaya stole every scene she was in. She was so weird, and funny, and lovable and I laughed the hardest at her lines.


    • I’m probably one of five people who actually likes Tony Stark but that has more to do with the parallels between Robert Downey Jrs life and his, then anything Tony has done.

      Yes, Tony is a total ass, but I still like him, while acknowledging that he’s an ass.

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  2. Great review. I’m so over TS/RDJ bogarting his way into movies that he doesn’t belong in. He had no business in the 3rd Cap movie and the film suffered for it. Nick Fury would have been a better mentor of Peter. But Nick probably wouldn’t have recruited a 15 year old in the first place.


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