[Book Review] UnWritten by Chelsea M. Cameron

unwritten-coverTitle: UnWritten
AuthorChelsea M. Cameron (Twitter)
Rating: Recommended
Genre/Category: Contemporary Romance, Families/Kid-fic , Body Positive, Happy Endings, New Adult
Release Date: July 6, 2014
Order Here: AMAZON

Note: A version of this review is up on Goodreads/Amazon. The changes between the two versions are mostly minor!


Chelsea Cameron’s UnWritten is basically the Single Dad AU of my dreams.

I follow the author on Twitter and she’s an actual peach. When she tweeted about this book being on Kindle Unlimited, I basically leapt to attention because everything about it is my kind of thing. UnWritten stars a curvy secret romance novel writer, a gorgeous single dad, and the cutest fictional three-year-old I’ve seen in a book in a long time.

I made high-pitched, eager noises for my first full hour of reading because this book is literally almost everything I’ve ever wanted.

The main character Blair Walton is basically my favorite. I want the life that she shares with her best friend and writing buddy Raine, churning out novels together and making publishing a pornier place. I’m also not sure if I’d want to be her friend or be her datefriend because I really did find myself kind of like “whoa, she’s the ideal” with heart-eyes while reading. (She’s confident about her cuteness, a lit-nerd, and a romance writer who loves kids. Geez!)

Then there’s Declan, a sensitive single dad with a super sweet son. Talk about perfection (for me). I complain a lot, in general and about romance novels, but I had nothing to compalain about with Declan. He was pretty much perfect and I’m saying this after the reveal he makes near the end of the book (which spurs a confession of Blair’s own).

Sure, UnWritten is a standalone novel which means that it’s not likely that we’ll see more of the characters (I want to know more about Raine and Blaire’s friend Angie because she sounds so amazing), but a) who knows what the future will bring and b) that’s what brains are for. Chelsea Cameron set up such a great world in this novel and I could find myself easily making up further stories in my head about them.

For me, wanting to mentally write fanfiction about characters in a standalone novel is a sure sign that I’m reading a great book.

UnWritten has super sexy sex scenes, characters that feel like real people that you might run into on the street, an insider look at what it feels like to be an author, and some seriously poignant emotional moments that left me wanting to ugly cry (you’ll know them when they hit you).