My First Day of Grad School

It was amazing!

Straight up.

Our class talked for like 2hrs about race, gender, and what it really means to be an American (spoiler: we talked about the colonialist/imperialist legacy of the United States and how people became American  — aka conforming to social ideals that were not their own — and addressed ideas of “historyless” country and how people swore that people with no supposed history couldn’t have culture).

It was amazing.

I even made two new nerd friends. I’m going to cherish them!

Tomorrow I have my evil and transgressions class and I have a feeling the atmosphere will be a bit different. Why? Because we’re going to spend an awfully long time looking at the Marquis de Sade in the class. Already I’m looking at ways to subvert the undoubtedly harmful tropes we’ll be discussing in the course.

I’m also excited because I’ll see A (one of my best friends) and we’ll get to hug!! (I’ve been up since 5AM and you can probably tell that…)

Tomorrow is also my first bus day! I’ll be taking two buses to the mall of the Americas and then crying at the DMV until they can help me get my proof of residency by providing me with my driving record.

Then I get to do the same thing on Thursday before my Literary Theory class  but I have to go all the way to Doral for my voting registration record. UGH. All the while trying to get financial aid to keep from dropping me as I struggle to get things in order (a situation that is 100% NOT MY FAULT because the college chose to admit me late and that screwed me over wrt housing and everything else).

Please wish me luck, peeps!


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