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Stitch Reacts To Grayson #16

Grayson #16 has the most Bond references I’ve seen. It also does this intense subversion of the spy genre’s most annoying tropes and Dick freaking sings a SONG at one point. This was such a fun, campy comic. I had … Continue reading

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Friday Links: On Taking Over the (Writing) World

This came across my twitter timeline and I am so glad that it did!

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[Book Review] Lustlocked: A Sin du Jour Affair

Title: Lustlocked: A Sin du Jour Affair Author: Matt Wallace Rating: So Freaking Highly Recommended Genre/Category: Urban Fantasy, Fae & Faries Release Date: January 26, 2016 Publisher: Tor Order Here: AMAZON | AMAZON (KINDLE) | BARNES AND NOBLE It’s officially … Continue reading

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Lucifer – Pilot: The Good, The Bad, and the Oh-So Ugly

I’ve wanted to write this since September when I got my grubby little hands on the pilot episode of Fox’s Lucifer series that showed at San Diego Comic Con. I’m a huge fan of the character. I got into The … Continue reading

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In 2010, Black people from across the diaspora made up just over 32% of Chicago’s population. But I bet you couldn’t tell that from reading Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files or Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampires series where there are zero main … Continue reading

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I’m Done Being Patient: Agent Carter and the Bare, White Minimum

I’m finally starting to grasp the idea that the writers and showrunners on Agent Carter view intersectional feminism as a great myth. I’m also clear on the fact that fandom feels the same way. Last year, when Agent Carter came … Continue reading

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[Review] Degrassi: Next Class

Warning for: spoilers for the series, brief discussions of biphobia, consent, and date rape.   I am officially old. Why? Because I watched Degrassi: Next Class on Netflix and spent more time worrying about those teenagers than anything else. Maybe … Continue reading

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My First Day of Grad School

It was amazing! Straight up. Our class talked for like 2hrs about race, gender, and what it really means to be an American (spoiler: we talked about the colonialist/imperialist legacy of the United States and how people became American  — … Continue reading

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[Snippet] My Favorite Kind of Night

Over on Twitter I’ve been talking about some erotic fantasy that I’ve been writing for the past week and change. I’ve decided to provide a relatively safe for work snippet of the story so far as motivation for myself and … Continue reading

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[Reaction] Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Some vague spoilers follow as does a mention of WW2 and imagery related. Half of this was written on December 30th right after watching the film. I just got out of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. I think … Continue reading

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