Ten Facts About The Stitch

Just pretend that this adorable goat is me.

Because it’s my blog and I love to talk about myself, here are ten facts about me that range from funny to ridiculous!

One -I really did jump out of a window to escape ballet class during summer camp when I was a kid. Apparently,  I hated the structure of the camp and when I couldn’t get a snack when I wanted,  I rebelled by diving out of a window about 5 feet off the ground.

Two – In college,  I got drunk on my 21st birthday and then,  after dropping and cracking at least a half dozen eggs,  I spent the next few minutes sobbing as I scrambled and ate them. While super drunk.

Three – My sense of smell is very sensitive. It’s helpful when there’s food somewhere on my block or in a strip mall but not so much when my best friend’s baby decides to let it rip in the middle of the night.

Four – If I won the lottery right now I’d never continue to try for grad school,  I’d write full time and 100% for fun.

Five – I’ve won every fight I’ve ever been in. Thanks to a combination of watching wrestling and fighting dirty. I kick ass. Not so much now as I’m an actual adult, but I love that that’s something I can claim.)

Six – I love babies more than life itself. They are amazing and magical little people.  I believe in goodness in the universe because of babies. (Seriously, I was freaking out about a baby Ewok earlier today because it was perfect!)

Seven – If I could be any comic book character, I’d be Mystique or Scarlet Witch because they’re super cute and I feel as if people underestimate them.

Eight – I had dreams of being a competitive eater. I would’ve been so awesome at it.

Nine -I don’t talk about gender stuff very often but I basically and technically identify as an agender femme. Hence the she/they pronouns. When I was first trying to figure things out, I was like “Oh, I’m basically a Ditto that occasionally wears makeup!” which suits me well.

Ten – I have crushes on like 6 people right now. I get crushes super easily and super intensely but I can never confess because they’re always on my friends and it never ends well. For now though, I’m holding out for John Boyega or Nicki Minaj though…


These have been ten facts! Thanks for reading!


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