Look what came in the mail~


It really isn’t every day that you find out that one of your favorite authors in the world keeps up with your blog. Like, up until a few weeks ago, I’d have sworn up and down that that sort of thing just didn’t happen to little fish like me.

But apparently they do!!!

A week or two ago (I’m always shaky on recalling the passage of time), I get an email from none other than BEN AARONOVITCH. You know, the Doctor Who writer who’s also responsible for one of my FAVORITE urban fantasy series in the universe: the Rivers of London series. I’ve been reading the series for several years now and I’m now eagerly awaiting the next book which’ll be out next year. I genuinely think that the series is brilliant and that Ben Aaronovitch is a great writer.

Which is why, when I first saw the email from him (via my blog’s contact form) I proceeded to fanperson all over the place. I’m actually still fanperson-ing about it right now. He’s just so cool, okay. And so nice!

And he sent me the first five issues of Rivers of London: Body Work!! Because he liked my blog and thinks I’m awesome (I’m paraphrasing but still…).

I’m going to treasure them forever and pass them down to my descendants along with my kindle (if by then we can’t just beam books directly into our brains).

I’m absolutely the luckiest person in the world right now.