I quit my job today

I quit my job today and when I told my boss that I was leaving because I felt as if he wasn’t paying me enough for the amount of work he’s giving me. I was polite and respectful despite the anger gnawing at my insides because I’m going to need a reference and it’s not like being mean has ever helped me in my life.

What sucks though is his response.

I had to sit there, smiling while he said that the reason why he wasn’t paying me more was because he “couldn’t”. You see, my social  media campaigns aren’t bringing in revenue which means he can’t pay me more. Nevermind that he’s made me do more and more work and even my supervisor has been campaigning for me to get a raise. Never mind that he gave someone newer a raise before me.


I’m not bringing in revenue so I don’t deserve to make more after six months of killing myself at this job and writing everything under the sun for him. Because apparently I suddenly don’t work for an hourly wage anymore. It’s neat how I’m suddenly the only person who’s earnings directly correspond to what the business is making despite being a WRITER not someone in SALES.

So much struggle. So much stress.

And all over a job where I make $200 or less a week.

Hopefully my next job (whenever I get one) will be better and in the meanwhile, if you all know of anyone looking for someone to do editing or writing, send them my way. Please.


2 thoughts on “I quit my job today

  1. Hey sugar, I’ll miss you so much and hope everything works out for you. See you space cowgirl. Talk to you later. 🙂


    • Thanks S! I’m hoping that I can get in some good applications this weekend and start working somewhere by next weekend. My fingers are crossed! And I’ll see you soon, I promise 😀


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