[Rant] Do you even know what the Confederate flag represents?

wpid-imag4289.jpgYesterday my friend and I saw a guy with a big old pickup truck and a pretty large Confederate flag — so of course we took a picture. Not to name and shame, mind you but to remember that there are people all over that are really weirdly passionate about the flag and what they think it stands for.


I’m fascinated by people who argue that the Confederate flag represents their culture or what America should be or “Southern Pride/Heritage”.

Are they even aware of the basics about what that flag means?

For once, let’s not even talk about race (although I could school you so hard on states’ rights and slavery that you’d get a degree out of it). Let’s talk about the very simple fact that people who supported the confederacy and brandished that flag were traitors to the United States. They seceded from the union and fought against the country, developing their own terrible government in the process.

At the heart of it, the confederate flag is a flag of traitors and slave owners who were throwing an extended fit. That it’s flying in so many public buildings is disrespectful and a travesty. It’s a flag that is indicative of a split so terrible that it started the very uncivil Civil War.

If you’re brandishing it, I’m going to assume that you probably don’t know much about your own history. (I’m also going to assume that you’re at least a little bit racist but hey, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and argues passionately in favor of the Confederate flag’s “noble” history, then it’s probably a racist!)


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