The Great Unboxing: Hot Toys’ Steve Rogers & Captain America


I first preordered this figure set alongside the Winter Soldier one back in April of 2014. I saw the first pictures up on Tumblr and immediately decided that not only did I need a Hot Toys figure, but I needed to order three of them from Sideshow Toys.

At first, I was only going to get the Stealth Captain America. After all, I had Bucky right? What more did I need?

But then I saw the two-figure set and I was hooked.

Finally,  after eleven months of waiting (and an entire day spent sitting in front of the front door waiting for the ups truck to come),  my figures are finally here!


This part of the unboxing always messes me up. I either do it too gently and the case doesn’t come apart or I do it too hard and tiny hands go flying. This time was no exception.

At one point, I was crawling across the floor in search of two of those ridiculously detailed hands after I misjudged my strength. It was hell but so worth it because once I found the hands, I noticed the freaking shields (and an entire other plastic container underneath the one containing the figures).

This set of figures comes with two times everything. Two times the Captain America. Two times the easily lost hands. And —

Two die cast metal shields.One for each Captain America figure in the box.

Once I get more comfortable with my figures, I’m definitely going to set something up where I use my Cap and Bucky figures to recreate that one fight scene where Bucky goes after Steve with the shield.

There’s a stealth shield (silvery blue and silver) to go with Stealth!Cap and a battered version of his usual shield (with the red scraped off) to go with Steve Rogers. Both shields are pretty weighty and are about as big as the palm of my hand. I don’t have a very small palm.

These two shields are heavy enough that I imagine that if you were to actually whack someone with one of them, that they’d get seriously hurt (or at least bruised). But I’m probably not going to do that.

This part of the case also comes with our accessories. Unlike Bucky/The Winter Soldier who came with what must have been an entire actual armory, this figure set is pretty simple because Captain America is a pretty simple guy. You get two stand bases with the characters’ names on them (Steve Rogers for one and Captain America -Stealth Uniform on the other), the little crotch hook that has not changed what I look for in stands, and your two shields. You also get two other tiny accessories. One thing is an S-shaped clip that you put on the back of Stealth!Cap’s suit so that you can do that cool as heck shield clip that he does in the film. The other is a handcuff similar to what Brock Rumlow was trying to get on his wrist in the elevator scene.

You’d think that after getting so much with Bucky (so many weapons oh gosh!) that I’d feel somehow cheated by the simplicity of the Steve/Stealth!Cap set, but no. I love that the set is simple. It feels like something that fits in well with the character and also allows for maximum pose potential. IMG_0225

My only possible issue with the figure set is how stiff they are in their arms and torso. Right now, I have Stealth!Cap out of the case and sitting on my computer desk since I very rarely use my desktop. He looks good there, but  one thing that I have noticed with the figure is that he has a few issues with his arms. Look at the picture to the right. That’s as close as I can get his arms to his sides, to say nothing of bending them so I can pose him in an action pose with the shield. I don’t know if this is an issue specific to the figure because of his clothes or what because while Bucky is still a little stiff, I can move his arms and pose him in action poses without worrying that he’s going to snap at the slightest pressure.

I haven’t taken Steve out of the box yet because he’s the least covered and the most likely to wind up covered in dust, but the second I get home I’ll gently test his range of motion to see if he suffers from the same flexibility issues.

Aside from that, though, I am absolutely loving this figure set. If you’ve ever had a Hot Toys’ figure before, you’ll know that the detail is superb. The figures look like real people and every aspect of their character is faithful to the original form of media they come from. If you’ve never had a figure from Hot Toys before, you really need to get one.

I’m looking forward to all of the things I can get up to with these figures. I know they’re not really toys and I’m going to keep that in mind, but I already have some great ideas for photographs I can take and maybe some comic panels that I can recreate (especially if I cave and by a Black Widow figure too).

Here’s to another really fantastic purchase from Hot Toys and Sideshow Toys!

And now for some bonus detail shots:

The stealth Captain America shield that goes with the stealth suit.
Close up of Stealth Cap’s face. Look at those eyes!