Seriously, since when were Tony and Steve friends in the MCU?

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One of the things I complained about on twitter is that I legitimately don’t understand how Tony could think that he and Steve were friends — like BFFs on the level as him and Bucky or chill buds like he is with Sam. It’s been a few days since the Civil War trailer and I still don’t get it.

And this is coming from someone like me that thinks of Tony as neuroatypical and as someone that misses a lot of social cues in life due to reasons directly related to his neuroatypical nature.Read More »

The Great Unboxing: Hot Toys’ Steve Rogers & Captain America


I first preordered this figure set alongside the Winter Soldier one back in April of 2014. I saw the first pictures up on Tumblr and immediately decided that not only did I need a Hot Toys figure, but I needed to order three of them from Sideshow Toys.

At first, I was only going to get the Stealth Captain America. After all, I had Bucky right? What more did I need?

But then I saw the two-figure set and I was hooked.

Finally,  after eleven months of waiting (and an entire day spent sitting in front of the front door waiting for the ups truck to come),  my figures are finally here!

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