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My Big Ben Solo Problem

I used to like Kylo Ren. Continue reading

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[Stitch Answers Feedback] Do You Know What True Antiblackness is?

I get a lot of weird ass messages and mentions, but this message, sent on the first day of Black History Month 2020, definitely ranks at the top of the weird ones. In case you’ve missed it, January was a … Continue reading

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Rey/Kylo Shippers: A New Look At An Old Face of Fannish Entitlement

The problem with folks’ acknowledgment of this totally toxic fandom is that… they don’t seem to understand that the concept of toxic fandom isn’t the realm of white dudes alone. Continue reading

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Quick Coverage: John Boyega Ends 2019 With a Bang (And a Hearty ‘Fuck You’ To Rey/Kylo Shippers)

Note: I have an ongoing thread about this entire situation and the fans’ responses that fully covers the majority of what this fandom’s been up to with John. In case you missed my lengthy post about how Rey/Kylo shippers really … Continue reading

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