Lies Fandom Tells About Why Black Characters and Celebrities Don’t Get Shipped

A screenshot from Black Panther where T’challa and Nakia kissing at the end of the film. Over the image is a white overlay of lines in the top left and bottom right corner. The title “Lies Fandom Tells About Why Black Characters and Celebrities Don’t Get Shipped” is in a loopy script and then my twitter handle is underneath that.
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Ships ‘n Shit: 13×5

Images taken from the Gundam Wiki pages for Treize and Wufei.

Gundam Wing pairings were all about the numbers. For much of the fandom that I witnessed as a youngun in fandom, Wufei and Treize (signaled by their numerical designations in pairings as 5 and 13 respectively) were a small but still very popular pairing in the heyday of the series. 

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Introducing Reverie: The Album: An Interview With Creator Eva Marie

Today I have the absolute honor of talking with Eva Marie, the creator of Reverie: The Album, a work of fannish love that’s currently taking backers over on Kickstarter! I absolutely adore Eva Marie as a creator, a fellow fan, and someone who makes absolutely gorgeous music so if you’re looking for a new and cool opportunity to get fannish, check out our interview and then go head on over to her Kickstarter to become a backer!

Stitch: Eva Marie! Would you mind introducing yourself for my readers?

Eva Marie: Hi everyone, thanks for having me! I’m Eva, a singer-songwriter and composer in my mid-20s. I listen to almost every genre of music, but my specialty is R&B pop with hip hop vibes. When I’m not working, I’m watching anime, golden age Disney films, or old cartoons. I’ve been in online fandom since I was 14 years old. Over ten years later, I’m still a huge nerd! Nice to meet you.

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Ships ‘n Shit: Lotor/Allura

Voltron Legendary Defender did all of us dirty.

All of us.

No matter what you actually shipped, chances are that it did not end the way that you wanted it to. In my case, as a serial multishipper, the last half of the series was basically just a constant barrage of “yeah your ship ain’t happening” that didn’t even let up in the final episode. Between the nonsense from the fandom where a huge chunk believed firmly that shipping anything other than their ship was pretty much a sin and another chunk of the fandom went on to be the incredibly icky pro-shipper “anything goes except critical thinking” folks… I get the creators’ response to an extent. Doesn’t mean I like it though.

(A lot of being in the VLD fandom and watching the show as someone who for once wasn’t  a weirdo was feeling like we were being punished for the weird shit that other people did??)

Anyway, one of the ships that I found myself interested in specifically because of a) they were pretty and I’m shallow and b) it had potential to be subversive and sexy (in fandom, not the show… a children’s cartoon) was Lotor and Allura. So in this installment of Ships ‘n Shit, we’re going to talk about Lotura, a little ship that should’ve…

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Note: This essay contains critical references to and some descriptions content in fanworks that is/seen as objectionable including underage characters and sexualized/eroticized racism.

Fic-As-Lit Header (2)

I spent a lot of my time in graduate school arguing that “literature” as a word could encompass entire worlds of media that were consistently dismissed as not being sacred or classical enough.

I found the potential for literature in pretty much everything that had text in it and made a point of challenging the expectations that my classmates had about lit on a regular basis.

So I get that urge to be like “fan fiction should be as valued and as valid as literature” and I even embrace it – up to a point.

And that point comes when you look at the differences between how literature and fanfiction are critiqued. Or rather – how we’re allowed to engage critically with them.Read More »

Ships ‘N Shit: Thor/Ororo Marvel

thororo header

Throroro is the best ship you’re probably not shipping.

A non-canon ship courtesy of Marvel fandom’s penchant for shipping everything under the sun, pairing up Thor and Ororo just sort of makes sense when you think about it. Thor’s a lightning “god” from Asgard with biceps for days and a heart of gold while Ororo is basically a weather goddess who could change the entire world if she felt like it.

While they aren’t a canon ship, they’ve got a ton of potential as a totally electric ship and a small but dedicated fanbase. Read More »

Ships ‘n Shit: Symbrock

Ships n Shit - Symbrock.png


One half of the ship is a down and out reporter who’s having a hard time of things.

The other is a hungry-for-brains symbiote, an extraterrestrial blob that thinks violence is both the question being asked and the answer it deserves.

I’m talking about Eddie Brock and Venom, a ship made for monster fuckers in fandom and folks who just really liked the idea of dating someone that basically lives in your body. Fandom has thought of the Venom symbiote as a site for particularly fucky content for years now, and it wasn’t just because of that intensely (and accidentally?) erotic panel between the symbiote and Hawkeye.

(Though that panel helped.)

In the comics, Eddie Brock’s relationship with the symbiote is… fraught. More fucked up, than funny.

In Venom however?

The film manages to balance funny and fucked up and from it, fandom gets… fucky.

Which I am entirely here for.

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[Stitch Likes Stuff] Shipping, Fandom Racism, and Reylo

I came across this video thanks to one of my old mutuals on tumblr and I think it’s a pretty great overview of the way that shipping trends and fandom racism are often one in the same.

The video’s narrator, Moth, starts with a “Shipping 101” introduction for the uninitiated and then jumps right in. They focus on a couple of specific areas that I feel are important to take into consideration in fandom/as a fan:

  • The popularity of “unhealthy” non-canon ships with two white characters over “healthy” canon ships with one character of color being shipped with a white character (Moth uses “unhealthy” to refer to ships involving minors in sexual/romantic relationships with adults, incest, one character being a noted abuser in canon, that sort of thing.)
  • The excuses fans in fandom give for why they’re not racist for being almost solely invested in ships between white characters — especially white villains and the white characters fighting against them.
  • And the Star Wars’ fandom’s Rey/Kylo shippers and several of the racist excuses that some of the fans of the ship use to explain why they can’t find Finn a “worthy” partner for Rey (but insist on shipping her with someone who she calls a monster and can’t stand).

Obviously, this sort of video hits a lot of my buttons because these are things I talk about on my website. I think it’s a really insightful video that clearly lays out what fandom does, what characters are impacted the most, and why it’s a set of trends that is racist. Much of the video focuses primarily on the Star Wars fandom, but as I think that’s one of the most racist fandoms active right now… Obviously, I think that’s a great thing to zero in on.

So please, go to Moth’s video and let them know how much you appreciate their work and upvote the video (because folks that talk about race and racism in media or fandom definitely get the short end of the stick and tons of abuse from assholes who don’t seem to get that they’re just… proving that fandom is racist).

[Flashback Friday] Dear Fandom, It’s Always About Race

I originally wrote this post over a year ago, back in May 2016. It was one of those period where I was seeing racism in fandom surge to a high level (this was after the meta of doom a certain BNF wrote) and I was just so fed up by how many people were dismissing our conversations about race and racism in fandom and saying “it’s not about race”.

So, I wrote an open letter that is sadly still relevant in fandom to this day.

Dear Fandom

Dear fandom,

It is ALWAYS about race.

No matter how you twist it, fandom’s collective and constant dislike of characters of color (especially if they’re in relationships/shippes with white male characters) for some reason you “just can’t put your finger on” is directly related to race.

Your race.

Their race.

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A Question About Rebooted Canon

Content warnings for discussion of abuse/abusive relationships with regard to Joker/Harley and Harley/Ivy.

Image part of Femslash February photoset found here.

Reboots can range from the mild to the large. Some are just focused on company-wide changes in diversity and bringing women/characters of color to the forefront. They’re soft reboots and usually take place in a single book or over a couple of different series. Other reboots are hard and they change everything.

Especially in a full-scale reboot like DC’s which has tried to incorporate several of their past events and controversies into the narrow timeline, sometimes we don’t actually know what has changed or what has stayed the same with regard to character histories, worldbuilding, and the universe itself.

So here’s my question:

Does rebooting a comic series, character, or entire universe mean that you should no longer hold characters accountable for things they did in the past or pre-reboot existence?

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