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[Stitch Takes Notes] Angela Reyes’ “Appropriation of African American slang by Asian American youth”

I began looking at Angela Reyes’ 2005 article “Appropriation of African American slang by Asian American youth” from the Journal of Sociolinguistics because I was working on the early draft of “So They Think They’re Talking Black”. That video evolved … Continue reading

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Queer Baiting, Coding, Reading, and Representation: A Pint-Sized Primer

This is a pint-sized primer about the differences between queer representation, queer coding, queer reading, and queer baiting because I wanted to have something small to keep around and kind of… wave it at folks that want an easy way … Continue reading

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Library Haul 11/02/2015

Yesterday was my second attempt at getting the books I need for my story. I actually got a lot of good books for research day part two and a couple of books that are just for fun. I’ve come to … Continue reading

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