Stitch’s Hamilfilm Thoughts

As always, if you don’t like when things you like get criticized on any level… skip this post, beloveds!

My friend K got me into Hamilton.

K and I met in our senior seminar in the history department at our alma mater. She went on to get her MA in History and I went to English  Literature. When Hamilton was getting popular and she’d already traveled to see the show once before, she introduced me to what was (and remains) a stellar musical experience at the height of its early popularity. If not for K, I don’t think I would’ve cared as much as I actually do about Hamilton

Nor would I have a framework to build any critical thoughts.

Fast forward to July 2020 and well, I actually still think it’s a great musical.

However, I also have… thoughts on Hamilton after what feels like an eternity.

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Is a James Bond Musical really in the works?

"Dr No trailer" by Danjaq and United Artists - Dr. No trailer. Licensed under PD-Pre1978 via Wikipedia -
“Dr No trailer” by Danjaq and United Artists – Dr. No trailer. Licensed under PD-Pre1978 via Wikipedia –

Um yeah?

I hope you’re prepared for me to squee about this for as long as it takes for it to come out. I literally didn’t know I needed this sort of musical until the Independent announced it. Now it’s all I can think of.

It’s like the universe remembered how much I love musicals for things that really shouldn’t be musicals (Bring It OnLegally Blonde, and The Vampire Lestat to name a few recent book/film franchises that got the musical treatment).

I can’t figure out how I feel about this aside from the ear-piercing squee from two of my major interests colliding. I love musicals no matter what they’re about and um, hello, I can’t get enough of the Bond franchise. Even though nothing will ever be better than the original Legally Blonde show, I’m so excited to see where this goes.

What’s cool about this development (aside from how it probably pisses off everyone that hates musicals but loves James Bond), is that it could possibly count as an official entry into the official James Bond canon because the daughter of Eon Productions’ original producer Harry Saltzman is working on it. Sure, it’s a stretch, but okay it’s my kind of stretch.

How do y’all feel about our international ham-fisted man of mystery taking it to the stage and singing his heart out?