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Meme-ing For a Reason #2 – Blaming “Antis”: Easier Than Speaking Up Against Racism, I Guess…

Anyone telling you that you have to accept racism in fandom as a price to pay for “sticking it to antis” or that you need to defend or ignore racism in fandom/fan-made content in order to prove you’re somehow “anti censorship” is someone trying to get you to defend racism as part of fandom.

Talk about a red flag on fire. Continue reading

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Meme-ing For a Reason #1 – Is This A Reason Not To Care?

I love making memes about fandom and my experiences in fandom. Have a meme. I think it’s really funny (but like in a morbid way) when I see someone using a twitter user as an example of how bad all … Continue reading

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Making Memes To Cope With Fandom Racism

My latest thing has been to absolutely overuse the “Is this a pigeon” meme format. I literally cannot stop making memes in this format. Mostly about how ridiculously racist transformative fandom insists on being. They’re a surprisingly effective coping mechanism … Continue reading

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